Sunday, September 16, 2012

consecrate destiny any

For once you have tasted flight, you will walk this earth with your eyes turned skyward, 
for there you have been, and there you long to return. Leonardo

So, today since I am obsessed with a blazer that isnt going together the way I had envisioned, I'm gonna talk about clothes.  No, not MY clothes, just stuff people can wear, or do wear, or would like to wear.  Whatevah.  First we're going to Hawaii----
Hawaiian commemorative stamps from USPS-  great little shirts!

A BEER dress-so classy to dress as a beverage, eh?  Australia fashion brand BJames Lillislack Milk Clothing has designed the Beer Dress, a skin tight polyester and lycra dress that is made to look like a golden glass of beer.

And you can't afford these.  They are Prada boots in suede  made to look like you're wearing just shoes.  Well WTF?  Why not save the $$$ and just buy the shoes to begin with?  

Next we have a guy who colors pennies to go in your penny loafers, a snide look back at the old Bass Weejuns from the 50's that had a little slot to keep your spare change.  OK, so I had a few pairs, and cycled along through whatever piece of loose change was the 'in' coin to display-  I hated the nickel days- too hard to jam it in there.  ANYway, this guy wants to sell colored pennies to match his previously issued colored shoe laces. Obviously you don't wear laces with Weejuns, I don't know why they have to match.  They suer look like tidily-winks to me.
The seven colors on offer go by equally vivid names Sherbet, Wet Canary, Nemo Blue, N. B. Greenberg, Gimme Kiss, Flying Fish and Rosso Scudiera.Find them all at the Benjo's online shop

 Portraits and landscapes on pennies from Jacqueline Louskeggs.  Check her site, they are very cool.

 More pennies, used as a mosaic floor.  Love this.

And SMASHED pennies made into a necklace.

One of my favorite blogs, 'Art in the Studio', is written by Nancy Natale, a wonderful encaustic artist. her last post included a list of things she has learned from art and it's worth looking at:

Ten Things I've Learned From Art  (Nancy Natale
1) Be persistent
2) Tackle the impossible by starting with the possible - or vice versa.
3) Make lists.
4) Tear things out of magazines and newspapers at will. One of these days you'll look at them.
5) Anything can be an inspiration
6) You will not understand anything you are doing until you have been working at least 20 years.
7) Don't be afraid to be simple and direct.
8) Keep a pencil and paper beside your bed (not a pen because it won't write upside down).
9) Marry someone who loves art (and you).
10) No matter what, it's worth it.

No squirrel today, let's try a chipmunk instead!

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