Thursday, September 20, 2012

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I say it is indispensable to look ahead of and behind oneself in the present. If there is such a thing as tradition, and I believe there is, it can only exist in the sense of the most profound movements of culture. 
Robert Delaunay 

Busted out the sewing machine yesterday for a short session putting together the pieces to make side panels for the re-built jacket.  All went pretty well, the plaid pattern plus the loose weave of the linen did well to hide the pieced sections.  Pinned the sleeves in place and there is a slight problem with the fitting, which exasperated me enough to shut the machinery down until later today.  If you see me in this jacket, DO NOT ask to see the insides!  It was unlined in it's former state and it's staying that way in spite of all my fooling around to make it work.

The other day at JoAnn's while buying some binding. I noticed there were dressmakers dummies for sale-  it's something I never considered until now but maybe I've been watching too much Project Runway and realizing how much easier it would be to fit on a dummy than on This Dummy.  Thoughts?  Are they adjustable enough to become mini-me?  I've never messed around with one.  Would love suggestions on what to look for.

Had my class at the Armory again-  love to go there and get energized!  Actually I took my new book that published two of my books with me and showed it off to the class.  We've done a whole bunch of mock-ups using scrap papers, but finally I decided that I could be making something out of these practice books while I'm at it so started coordinating fronts to backs and inside content.  

We started working on two real bindings in class and time flew.  We got one set of signatures all glued and clamped and then started on another single signature folio where we can ad and change pages by simply resewing when necessary.  I used some of my leftover cork wallpaper for the covers, a dark blue book cloth for the spine and some sun printed papers I had made years ago for the front pieces.  LOVE this little folio and I am thinking I will make a bunch more for Christmas presents, especially for Hazel to draw in.  Today I will start gathering up fun things for hers- I know I have some book board ready to use, several leftover rolls of wallpaper which works great for covers, and two cupboards of cool collected art papers.  Don't think I have to worry much about 'archival' for a 4 year old.

 The cork folio with interchangeable or replaceable signatures
 Ledger binding, a perfect way to use old photos and leftover papers and make carry-around notebooks
The Florida Brush Fire Book, do-si-do variation
opening page
Book center, three sections

Aftermath of brush fires.

Enough of serious, on to the weird and wonderful, then I have to hit the showers and move this act out!
The All-Spidey Band!  
I'll hire them for the studio party-  how appropriate is that?

Just for PRETTY

 TANK slippers!  Unfortunately this pair of crocheted slippers  by miligurumis on Etsy has been sold but if you simply must have a war happening on your feet you can buy the pattern and make your own pair of armoured tanks.

This tea towel is one of a set of many for specific interests.  This is the Art-Lovers towel, and I've copied off the text.  Specifically, I love the first one and the last one!

'Twelve Abstracts Eluding
Eleven Opening Nighters Sipping
Ten Docents "DON'T"ing
Nine Degas Dancers
Eight Andy Warhols
Seven Starving Artists
Six Ladies Smiling
Five Golden Haystacks
Four Calling Bids
Three French Men
Two Picasso Doves
A Partridge in a Pear Tree, mixed media'

Available from the Boston MFA gift shop

Look, ma, no squirrels.

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