Friday, September 21, 2012

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With any child entering adolescence, one hunts for signs of health, is desperate for the smallest indication that the child's problems will never be important enough for a television movie.  Nora Ephron
ummm.  Maybe like this, Nora? 
Love the mother/daughter outfits. This has GOT to do some major damage...
 The closest my daughter and I ever got to this was when 
we were both wearing jeans on the same day.

I don't want to brag or make anyone jealous or anything,
but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.

Also was just reading about 'Breaking Amish' this morning and apparently all is not as it seems there either.  Some of these kids 'broke' a long time ago and have already been out there living the English life and buying bathing suits (!), drinking, and living the high life.  Hope they all get what they want from this, whatever that may be besides electricity.  

And while I am talking tv, I fell asleep during Project Runway last night- probably due to the martini I had at my favorite sushi restaurant followed by a stop at the sugar-free ice cream shop.  A bit of indulgence I guess I paid for.  Anyway, I sat through watching all the stupid Rockette costumes being constructed and the hissy fits and back stabbing, only to drop off right at the commercials before the runway part.  Now I have to go check Tom and Lorenzo to find out what happened!  Rats.  Oh good, Christopher won with his sparkly rendition of the New York skyline, and Van was auffed.  Fine with me-  he's a chunky guy who dissed a normal sized woman a few shows back as being 'fat'.  Good, now I don't have to search for reruns.

Today I was at the studio at 7:30 am with the furry studio-helpers. 
Seems that they think they are entitled to nap.
We were kicked out of our house by the pressure cleaners who were hired to do the roof.  WHO KNEW you have to have your roof washed around here!  Anyway, we are also having the courtyard and the driveway done and 'while you're at it' they are also doing the patio furniture and lounge chairs and all the cushions!  Unfortunately they will be there all day which means *I* will be HERE all day, and I have already finished my vat of coffee: searching the internets for Asian recipes for barking dogs.

Take one pudgy Tibetan Terrier, add soy sauce and some steamed noodle...
Tomorrow, repeat with the other one.

ANYway, first I am going to finish up the dreaded jacket, take a picture, and get it off the to-do list.  You'll know I'm done when I post a picture, so check back later for that, and possibly the next episode of Sammy the Squirrel.

Oh you'll love this-  Sammy disemboweling a box for his job interview with USPS:

Never trust a squirrel to leave those boxes delivered to your porch alone.  All these years I've been blaming the truck running over them, or getting caught in a conveyor belt in Arkansas somewhere, or even the big lie I've heard TWICE now from Nordstroms about how the truck caught fire!  HA!  Now I know that Sammy got the job!

Speaking of Sammy, I got an offer today from Fab to buy the little stuffed tree trunk and baby squirrel toy!  Now I know where it came from, all this time I thought it was from the Squirrel Catalog.

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