Saturday, September 15, 2012

ratty violent beauty

It's never too late to be who you might have been.  George Eliot

Robert Montgomery's poetry billboards

A murmuration of starlings.

Here's Berlin as you'd see it from above. 

And here, after it's been all cut apart and rearranged by block size.  This is a project of Armelle Caron, a French artist.  Go HERE to see other cities rearranged.

Josiah McEleheny, always working with light and glass and reflections, currently showing at the Boston ICA

Su Blackwell at FIT, 'While You Were Awake', 2004
(I've included this because-WARNING, here I go on another story!--this is exactly what my pet rabbit did the day he was accidentally shut in my closet with my wedding dress, fortunately already worn.  He spent the day shredding it as high up as he could reach, about 3' and turning it into bunny-lace. Fortunately the marriage has outlasted both the dress and the bunny.)  

Oh oh.  Bunnies-  Here's Sammy the Squirrel Meeting Mia!

The squirrel here is not the star, except for a couple of spectacular leaps to the top of the four poster bed.  Here, the star is the baby bunny Mia trying out her rabbity moves, adorable.  I will caution you again to turn off the audio so you don't have to hear a grown woman talking baby talk to her bedroom rodents.

Poetry of a different sort, Artist Augustina Woodgate Poetry Bombing in Miami

To join the Designer Moth, I found this guy, a Venezuelan Poodle Moth!  Maybe someday I will get him also installed over there on the left bar.  Check the Latisse eyelashes!

Thanks, Liza.  Always room for a screaming goat.

Hope I didn't forget anything important.

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Rayna said...

Uh - George Eliot got it wrong. You can only be a pale imitation of what you might have been -- and only if you are lucky.

And who are those guys in the previous post??