Thursday, September 13, 2012

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I try to write parts for women that are as complicated and interesting as women actually are. 
Nora Ephron 

Spent my day rearranging stuff on the walls and cleaning up piles o' other stuff while looking for a box of all my book-binding stuff.  I have stuff everywhere, but not the stuff I need right now.  I simply have to get into all these drawers and cubby holes and consolidate.  But I'm off to a good start getting the ladder work done today without the hindrance of the dogs trying to climb the ladder behind me.  The big accomplishment is getting the 12 encaustic pieces up so high on the wall-  I felt like a Wallenda up there and you know what happened to them...

The dog daycare place is only about a block away from the studio AS THE CROW FLIES, however to drop them off car-less means I have to walk all the way back through the industrial park, then down the main road of the place, over a block and then back up.  I *thought* there was a cut through but there is only wide stretches of 'natural Florida' in between the streets-  the kind of country that would get your feet cut to shreds on all the sharp stuff, not to mention lurking snakes.  No way would I slide down the gully hauling the dogs along just to cut off a bit of distance!  So, on the way back alone I did find a slightly quicker route going up along side the back of the buildings- only problem is I couldn't really find a good place to break through the big thorny bushes so I guess it's the road for us. 

I got the Kilgore Trout jacket ready to stick under the machine but got too busy rehanging quilts and looking for stuff and repacking my book class bag without the essentials I know are here, I just can't find! So, even though I've worked my little fingers to the bone all I have to show is the cleaned up walls.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get that damn jacket off the list!  

My favorite artist of the day-  Sayward Johnson of Ottawa.  She works with hand woven copper screening and wires, patina, paints and encaustics.  Go check her site for more wonderful pieces.

And of course I have to end with a squirrel, But WAIT!  This is better than just a squirrel...  But a warning if you don't like to hear a grown woman baby talking to a rodent, turn off the audio.  this one is titled 'Sammy Meets Mia'.  Watch Mia for extra cuteness!  

You're in luck because the crazy squirrel-baby-talker has a whole series of YouTubes of Sammy and you are gonna have to see them all.  

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