Tuesday, September 04, 2012

tractor retribution bunt

In an artwork you're always looking for artistic decisions, so an ashtray is perfect. An ashtray has got life and death.  Damien Hirst  (proving he is a nut-job imho)

Something happens that brings up memories of a past emotional experience which might make you want to bury your feelings. Strong passions lurk just beneath the surface and you probably would prefer to keep them there today. Don't try to force anything out into the open. If you believe that exercising caution is a good strategy now, trust your own judgment. You can always put your thoughts down in a journal, since this keeps the process moving along in a healthy manner.  Horrors

And since THIS is my 'journal' it looks like today you will be dumped on!  I got the ladder over to the studio yesterday, no problem-  I put the seats down and it just made it without cracking any windows.  I set it up and took down my 12 encaustic pieces because I didn't have to climb more then two steps, but I'm going to wait for someone to be there wiht me before I start any high wire acts.  A cement floor is not a soft landing.  ANYway, while I was up at the top of the homosote tree line, there were a whole bunch of spiders, teensy ones, scurrying around up there.  They weren't bothering me, and my vacuum hose doesn't reach that high so I pretty much ignored them.  Until later when I discovered the vicious little critters were having their way with my arm an elbow while I was pulling stuff off the wall.  I have seven bites on my arm that are driving me nuts, so I put on some AfterBite and it helps.  I'm going to have to spray the place because this has gotten out of control.  Plus I'm sick of walking into webs all the time.  I'm gonna win this one, promise.

Found this and it kind of reminded me of our recent wedding-  this is for Jackie and Nate!

This is mostly right, but I am more centrist than liberal, as if it matters.  Still, watch out.  Or I'll squeeze you...
 I need this teeshirt to regain my waist!

 The cockroaches love us.  Truly, if someone left me this message I would run for the hills.  Two of these guys mess up my head for a week, but spelling with them would mess up my life!

Buffalo business district when I was a kid.  The population was 580,000 then.  It was 261,000 in 2010, down another decrease of 10% since the 2000 census!  I thought it had lost as much as it could but I guess not.  I'm glad I got to live there when it was a vibrant and living city.  And on that sad note I am going to have my blood work done early, hit the grocery store, and then the airport to pick up TY.  Won't be a single mom to these doggies any longer, and boy will they be happy!  

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