Sunday, September 02, 2012

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Ad-libbing is the product of many hours of work. (Richard Robinson)

Sorry about the crap-o iPhone photo.  I should have gotten up from my blueberry martini about five minutes earlier to get a good picture.  But, this was the Blue Moon the other night while we enjoyed dinner at a lovely beach front spot.  I do admit it was a bit too hot to eat outside but we braved the elements for the moon-  there won't be another one...(drum roll) for a blue moon!  (must have been that martini)

Like I said, it has really been hot around here, and we are all scrambling for a bit of shade wherever we can find it.  But in humid air, even shade doesn't help much.  I loved Santa Fe because you could step into the shade of a building and feel an immediate cool-off. Here, not so much, but we do it anyway just to get out of the relentless sun.

Like these folks booted off an airplane:
 Or these pigeons who know where the road isn't as hot!

You know I've been complainging about the spiders in my studio this season, right?  Well, I found a picture that is curing me for ever.  I promise I will not sleeve out about my spiders ever again, will just keep vacuuming them up until I defeat their gene pool eventually. Bet these guys would like my Bissel.
ick ick ick

 Surfing R Us on Sunday morning.  I found a whole run on classical statures and what they would look like dressed in contemporary clothes.  Other than needing a haircut, this guy looks pretty good, no?
Well I was all over how they got stone statues fitted at the Gap, when the actual answer appeared at the end of the blog.  It's all Photoshopped, and here is the sequence.  Pretty masterful, eh?

Guess I shouldn't be surprised, my son can do anything in Photoshop and has made a successful career out of it.  Pretty soon maybe he will buy me a house in Palm Springs.  Oh, never mind.  I guess I am mixed up with other peoples sons.

And I guess it's time to do a little constructive stuff today.  I'm going to try to get the big ladder on top of the car to get it to the studio and Sunday seems like a better day than any other in case the blasted thing flies off and hits another car.  Plus I think I gave away all my bungee cords.  This might be an exercise in futility, but I have to at least go stand and stare at the problem for awhile.  And WAIT FOR THE MUSE to figure it out for me.

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Anonymous said...

Standing and staring at the problem is always a good idea.
Cheers Jan