Thursday, October 25, 2012

cdc earthmoving orwell

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.  Seneca  

Post 1498, 
the one where I talk about 

Yup, the powers-that-be finally got down to the S, and I guess it was a close run between Shaniqua, Sioban, and Sandy.  The first one nobody knew anyone with that name, the second one nobody could pronounce and they knew weather guys would have an issue, so it's Sandy by default (my own version of WTF-Sandy-?)
Current  (that's me in the high upper left)

Last night moving off Jamaica and hitting Cuba

Projected path-  headed right for Boston!  Of course.  I have to go to Boston next week.  There may be a wee change of plans coming up.

And that about winds up the weather report which I know NONE of you are caring about.  You just come here for the free ridiculousness, right?  Baby bats, squirrels, occasional missteps in the studio, and  of course that sigh of relief when you can click off and get back to your own more meaningful and productive lives.  Well, this is a slice of how the rest of us muddle along.  Almost 1500 muddles.
Hang in there, only a few more to go.

In other pressing news, our air conditioning system finally laid down and died yesterday.  It's very uncomfortable here all buttoned up from the rains and humidity.  Fortunately the place is small and I can open the refrigerator door to cool off the house and dry up some humidity.  Just like up north when we would huddle around the open oven in the kitchen.

I'm pulling your leg, don't go all Energy-Ant on me.  Love his shoes.

There is supposed to be a guy here today to give us an estimate on a new system-  I betcha things have changed technology-wise, in 20 years.  Just hope that there is somebody available to haul it into the attic space above my closet and plug it in...
This is me, hiding my head under my wing.  I don't like pink so I prefer this portrait in black and white.

So, since I am in default mode today, unable to get to the studio, stranded waiting for the AC guy, and rained in surrounded by a 3" deep puddle to traverse to even get the dogs out to where the grass used to be, I am posting Halloween Dog Costumes:
Beagle Jocky

Golden Bull Rider

And Boston Terrier as Chia Pet (my personal favorite-  look at his face-of-distain!
That's it, no more Halloween Pet pictures until I hit the mine fields again, and today just may be he perfect day for it. But I can't leave you with nothing to think about, can I?  Nope.

How about a mouse dissection? (With kudos to Deanna-  thanks!)
Don't ask me for the pattern, I don't have it.

'Kay, that about does it for now, off to take up my position next to the window to monitor my namesake storm for the day.  May YOUR day be clear and bright.   

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Sandy said...

Love the weather lesson. I just heard about hurricane Sandy. So, yes, I did come over here to see if you had posted about it. you are the only other blogging Sandy I know...or the only interesting one!
Sandy in the UK
PS I come over here now and then and read the posts backwards (time wise) to catch up. It is rather fascinating! LOL