Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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"Not choosing is also a choice."  David Luterman

Fire Marshall inspection on the studio today.  I have the electrical panel behind a rolling display shelf, and that's a no-no.  He says that if 'they' have to get in here and get at the panel that they will throw the shelves to the floor and everything on 'em.  Well, if there IS a fire here, there will be no way they will discover it in time for 'them' to get in the door and push over the shelves because by the time they show up here in the industrial park, waaayyyy down at the end, we will be fully engulfed.  So he leaves.  Five minutes later he is back and doesn't like my extention cords running across the room, says I need power strips with 20' cords which he says are 'hard to find'.  AND I need to recharge my fire extinguisher.  So he leaves again.  Five minutes later he is back telling me I need an extention cord that's grounded.  I told him that as soon as he leaves this time I am LOCKING the DOOR.  Now I have to find 20' power strips.  Found one for $70.  I don't think so...  So, that happened before 8 this morning.

Next I headed down for my last class and we ohhhhed and ahhhhed over each others work and made a prop-type clamshell box so we understand the assembly.  After that we photographed versions we didn't make ourselves and headed off to Clematis Street for lunch at Rocco's Taco's.  No, for my friends who know me, it was NOT my choice believe it or not.  i ordered Chili Rellaneos and have enough gooey cheesy peppers to feed both of us for a couple of days.  We then visited a bookstore and dug around looking for examples of what we had learned.  I stopped at Jerry's Artorama on the way home to stock up on book board and some fancy papers-  like the market will dry up behind me.

Finally got home at 4:30 to find out that the AC is gone, used up, defunct.  The guy was here for 2 hours trying to get it up to speed to no avail.  And here I am in 'my condition' (a northern European that doesn't sweat and who hates any temperature over 68).  TY told me I could go to a hotel.  What I might do is throw the dogs off the bed-  it's amazing how two critters can heat things up.  Anyway, looks like we won't have any AC to push around for a few days.  Wish I could sleep in the studio...

Halloween Excitement-
 baby bat.  The hand is NOT squeezing him.  Not my hand, never would be.

Embiggen this to actual size and scare the crap out of your trick or treater's parents.  They will grab your offering of the WalMart candy assortment in the plastic pumpkin and run like hell screaming down your driveway.  Make sure they remember to grab their kids on the way.

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Sandy said...

did you know bats are a protected species in the UK
Sandy in the UK
when I was in primary school 3rd grade? my dad caught one (can't remember how) and I took it to school in a jar with holes in the lid. ohio in the 60's.