Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fisticuff frontier auburn

(not one of my usual sources, and I don't much like the sweater
 but it illustrates the 'pleasing everybody' mentality.)

"Painting is concerned with the ten things you can see; these are: darkness and brightness, substance and color, form and place, remoteness and nearness, movement and rest." Leonardo

No.1 Son and Wife are in DC to surprise her WWII vet grandfather who is there with a group of vets from Iowa.  Kids flew down early this morning to meet him at the War Memorial when he gets off the bus.  I think this is a wonderful surprise, makes me get teared up.  Meanwhile this little movie was taken as they were walking through the National Sculpture Garden.  WHO DID THIS?  Tell me it and
how it works!

It follows you with it's eyes...

You would like to be evenhanded in how you interact with others now, but you realize that it is difficult to play the role of an unbiased observer. There are complex emotional issues bubbling up from the hidden depths of your subconscious and you may feel pressure to do something about them. Act on your intuition, but remember that practicing compassion is more important than being a hero. Horrors

The Greatest Event in TV History

Tomorrow is the second last day of my bookbinding class.  I've really enjoyed it, learned a lot, now it's up to me to slow down and take time cutting and measuring to make good work, not just samples.  I have two ideas ready to go- just waiting for the time to do the printing and make sure all looks spiffy.
I got a new batch of my sample books up here finally:
Venice graffiti image, matching slipcase from same photo.  And here is that photo!
(I've used it over and over, probably more than any other -of hundreds!- image from Venice.)  My favorite part?  Of course, the shadow-  it doubles the possibilities.


Cover for a signature with tab closure (made from solar print map)
Fabric slip-case with pockets for existing book

Hard spine, fabric cover, cotton fiber pages, and purchased Indian end papers.

And the Koigu yarns I brought back from the north country, 
hopefully to USE.  It's my favorite yarn.  What can I make that uses as much as possible?
I hate socks.

Sleeping Dogs

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