Friday, October 26, 2012

indentation doff oppose

The post that hits 1500! 
C'mon over for cupcakes and we'll plan to make it to 2000.  
This wasn't my plan back in 2004, and for those of you who are regulars, 
or semi-regulars, thanks for listening to me.

(designed by the wonderful Jen Lee over on Gilt)

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.   Malcolm X 

Amazing blue and green honey from some hives in France.  After much investigation it was found that the color was coming from a candy factory and affecting the local bees. unfortunately they say that the blue honey is not food quality but it sure is beautiful!  Looks like an encaustic painting!
Lego Storm Troopers
A couple of more books I've finished:
 Maria, my Dutch friend, gave me a tea cozy she had made years ago-  she is a master hand worker and does beautiful embroidery and needlepoint.  We both laughed o0ver our old 'need' for tea cozies, but I was glad to have her remnant to play with.  So, I made her a little notebook and covered the front with a piece of the cozy, and then, on the back I used the inside of her embroidery because it was just as beautiful as the right side!  I included several photo pages too so she can use it by the phone

 This cover was a photograph I took of some dormant orchids this summer.  In fact I am using the same image for my Facebook page.  This is a hard book with a spine and I used book cloth.  Inside is a signature that I used to glue in lots more photos I have taken around our yard.  I love the torn edge of the print paper I used for the pages.  I used purchased hand made marble paper for the end pieces.

 Above, a sample of a (oh geeze, senior moment...) form.  I'm not a fan of the pink but it was all I had with me that day that I could put together three pages of related color.  Below another hard spine with Indian papers in the end pieces and a sewn fabric cover.  Again, more torn edges on the cotton papers.

 This exercise was folded from another photograph of mine of a graffiti wall in Venice.  Accompaniying it is a handmade box, from the same photo, to hold it when it's folded.
I do have to say I have so enjoyed learning these different book forms.  It's so related to quilt making that it wasn't a real stretch, yet the disciplines are more exacting (Ahem, I mean more exacting than the way I do quilts!)  Now, unfortunately I am really interested in old books!  Just what I need, more stuff to look at.

I'm embarrassed to say I deleted the name of this wonderful dog photographer-  I'll have to walk backwards through my mind to find him again.  LOVE the juxtaposition!

Above and below, crayon artist Herb Williams uses actual crayolas to build his animals

From crayon bunnies to live bunnies:


Mary Beth said...

Grats on 1500! and looking forward to the next 500 as well!

John Mathew said...

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