Monday, October 15, 2012

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 Finally started playing with Instagram yesterday and deleted every picture I took before I realized how to keep them.  not exactly a user-friendly interface, is it?  Anyway I got the two Poops, I mean Pups...
The Mollybolt, the angry old auntie.

The Pepperoni, a happy foundling.

Speaking of pets, I happened upon a whole website o how to care for your pet squirrel, The Squirrel Board.  It's apparently illegal in most states to keep them, so check this board for more info.

I went to the Green Market here early in the morning because today was the opening day for the season.  I was expecting it to be sparse but the place was jammed. All the vendors seemed well stocked, though this is hardly a growing season in South Florida!  No tomatoes, no herbs, several kinds of squash but who knows where they came from!  I did manage to get a pile o' peppers and stuck them on the stove as soon as I got home.  I love roasting peppers and keep them on hand most of the time.
Also found a flower-lady who had these spectacular hydrangeas-  in fact I could barely walk through the crowds without people stopping me to ask about them.  I adore these-  they so remind me of our years up north where we had two hydrangea trees with the biggest blossoms I've ever seen.  people would stop and ask to pick a few, and usually three were all they could handle.  I would clip armloads of them and put them all over the house and let them dry in the vases.  They would last all winter that way and turn a gorgeous mauve with bronze leaves.

Not so long ago, a Scottish artist, Katie Paterson, turned Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata into Morse code, (yup, you can do that, too) and bounced it off the moon. 

Some musical phrases got trapped in moon craters and didn't come back, which she found so intriguing, she put the ricocheted, fragmented Moonlight Sonata on a player piano and you can now see her MoonBounced, Morse-Coded piece being not performed by anyone, the keys going up and down on their own:

And here she is 'splainin' her project.  Love this.

Andnow, off to FedEx to mail out my quilts and then a day in the studio.  

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what's your name on Instagram Sandy?

I'm pamdora.