Tuesday, October 09, 2012

pith ferber maine

Henry Miller told writers to "keep your exclamation points under control!" "Never use the words 'suddenly' or 'all hell broke loose,'" and "leave out the parts that readers tend to skip.

Well geesh!  I got away for a weekend and all hell breaks loose.  The Quilt National acceptance letters are trickling in and it seems that the world rotation has stopped and the sun don't shine!  Of course some really deserving folks are sharing their good news and I am so happy with the list so far.  But the rest of the 'salon refusee' are being quiet and have probably taken to their beds with their smelling salts.  Personally I would prefer a bubble bath and a glass of champagne because that's all it takes to heal my wounds.
Mostly though I get med these days when I am refused (ahem, I mean non-accepted') in a show-  just look back a week or two for how well *I* take it.

Anyway I am back now with the real computer, a camera full of kids pictures from two different playgrounds in one day, and snaps of some forbidden bare feet clomping up the black tie wedding we had gone back to MA to attend.  Pictures of kids?  You want to see cute?  Here you go~
Excited over Everything

Ready to Move On to the Next Thing

Anyway it was the first time we actually had them for a whole day, and I gotta say I don't sleep that night, I fell into a coma!  But it was sure fun while they were there.

The next day was the wedding of my niece to a very nice guy and we had a wonderful time celebrating with them.  Both my kids and spouses were there and it was one of the first times we were all at the same function together.  We cleaned up nice, but in all fairness, who doesn't look spiffy in a tux?  This is not our usual social life, in fact I can't even remember the last time I was forced into pantyhose.  I hope the next time is even further down the pike.

My bookbinding class is early tomorrow so I have much to do to catch up with my assignment plus buy the doggies their rotisserie chicken AND come up with a great dinner for TY's birthday today.  

And a final note before I sign off and head for the studio and Publix, I was told by THREE people that they are regular readers of this blog, so howdy to all of you.  Since you never comment anyway, I am going to put the kibosh back on the comment section because I am now getting upwards of 50 comments a day that are trying to sell me Xanax and help me deal with my prostrate.  So enough is enough, they are out.  And if you want to comment you will have a few captcha hoops to negotiate OR you can always just write a real email-  address is up there in the lefthand column.  Don't be a stranger!  (And Jack-  have a great time in Tuscany!)


Anonymous said...

Just buy the Xanax!!!

You grow a prostate, and they won't be bothering you anymore!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "shout-out" Sandy....Jack

Deb said...

I'll suffa the captcha to have my say...or send you an email. I read you daily.

Max said...

Yo, Sandy . . .
I read you every morning, of course I am always a day late because Feedblitz doesn't deliver but once a day, usually before you post for the day . . . hence the day late.

I get annoyed when you have the gall to take a day off . . . addictions work that way, don't you know.

Just sayin'

Mary Beth Frezon said...

LOL Well I might be a refusee but I'm good. Two in a row and still feel good about my entry. I had to make it. Now I get to make something else. Maybe a couple somethings else. something elses? you know what I mean. Now if I could just get ideas that were smaller, faster-to-make... hahahaha - yeah right.

PS appreciate all your support and the support I get from all my pals and mentors!