Thursday, October 11, 2012

shown bennett clergy

It is this research into pure painting that is the problem at the present moment. I do not know any painters in Paris who are really searching for this ideal world. 
Robert Delaunay 

 Horrors:  This is an exciting week and you feel as if you're in the swing of things. You aren't quite sure exactly how today will unfold, but it starts off like a day at the races with you charging ahead. Just be aware that your friends and associates expect a lot from you now, yet they might lose faith in you if you exaggerate your story. Everyone will take you more seriously if you cut to the chase. Tell it like it is; there's no need to paint a picture that is different from reality.
Grab them now, Sarah Palin candles!  Actually you should have three, ask any interior designer- always have odd numbers of things.  And she's an odd number.  From Fab.
Had another great day in the bookbinding class-  only two classes left and I'll be sad when it's over.  First of all there are just some simple principles to follow, and then you can just about do anything you want so it 'fits' me.  We did cloth covers today, just using fusibles so that went fast.  I just made a false cover for a block of cardstock I had with me, but it would work for any book form.  The other idea we explored was also for an already existing book like a Moleskin.  We made a paper cover with pockets and a tab closing.  I'll be making a bunch of these as gifts to have on hand because they are fun and colorful and everybody always needs little notebooks, don't they?  Maybe I'll put photo pages in mine for the gifts so people can carry around their grandchildren.  Guess I should hop on that bandwagon, shouldn't I?  Anyway, we are nearing the end and the teacher is running another class in the winter but today she told us that it will be basically the same so I guess I'll have to find something else to take.
Or maybe do some new work instead of procrastinating.

Here's the show in Chandler AZ I'm going to be in!
 Let me know if you are in Chandler and can make it to the show!  

And now for some surfin'!  Found some cool things that appeared while I was internet less-  well, I could see my mail but I couldn't send anything.  Yeah, I was stealing again from a neighbor named belkin.  So, anyway, here's a few things that grabbed me:
Babis Cloud is the artist behind this piece titled Hedonism(y) Trojaner, derived from the giant mythological Trojan horse built by the Greeks that was used to sneak an elite force of soldiers into the city of Troy under the charade of presenting the city with a gift.  Yup, made entirely of computer keyboards.
And that led me to this, also computer keyboards-

St. Louis artist Sarah Frost uses thousands of keys from discarded computer keyboards to create enormous textured grids.

Photographer Daniel Kukla who has a background in both biology and anthropology has a new series of work called The Edge Effect where he photographed square mirrors propped on easels in locations around Joshua Tree National Park to catch the reflection of the horizon behind him. The resulting images create the bizarre effect of looking at a paintings sitting in the middle of the desert.

Mixed media and installation artist Peter McFarlane has spent his life turning found objects, computer waste and other discarded materials into sculptures, installations, and even the backdrops of paintings.  He says, "To me, waste is just lack of imagination.".

                                    And this little spoon nest is wonderful, I want it so badly!

Hmm, looks like I am really into recycling today, don't be fooled.  I've found that whenever I *think* I am being planet-friendly it takes me more products, more energy, more everything to use up a final bit of something discarded.  Plus I get paint on my floor...

I SO need this stamp.

The other thing I'm doing today is sending out a blanket letter to all my old high school friends to see who is coming this winter to our mini-reunion.  I've been in touch with the gal who stays just up the coast a bit and we are going to get together to make some plans as soon as we have a little idea of who is coming. As soon as I get the numbers back I'll send out another questionnaire about what they want to do and what planned activities they would like. Can I tell you how much I hate herding cats?   But perhaps I am projecting too far ahead.  Hope a few of the old gals can make it.  'Old' being the operative word for people I have known since my childhood!  So if I went to high school with you and you got my email, answer it NOW!  Thank yew for your prompt and courteous reply, and I haven't even pulled out the big guns yet.  Yes, when I grew up, we had guns.  So there.


Deb said...

I use that stamp daily!
My mum worked in the PO and one day, when this snotty teenager was giving her grief over the counter, she leaned over and (I thought she was tenderly brushing my bangs from my over painted eyes) stamped [SPOILED] on my forehead with USPS Eternal Red ink.

mary beth frezon said...

I think I'd fight you for that spoon nest - what a cool thing.

Kit Lang said...

I only found you a few weeks ago, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks for writing it! :)

(And I want that spoon nest thing too!!!)