Thursday, November 15, 2012

approximant justiciable hippocrates

A mind too active is no mind at all.
Theodore Roethke

Will Barnet, Visionary Artist, died Monday at 101.  
Mr. Barnet often used family members and friends as his subjects, and was known for elegantly stylized portraits and classically composed visions of beautiful women and children.

Studio time yesterday was a waste of a morning, I got so little done.  I ran out of my paper I was using for the book of hands, all the while thinking I had a few more sheets.  I ran out of TAP, I couldn't find the other bottle of glue I needed-  wish those night-time trolls would get the studio straightened out and consolidated...and labeled!  They spend all their time throwing hunks of wax on the floor and spilling paint splatters on the tables and (I'm just thinking here, but...) watching the spiders mate and proliferate. Today I have to drive up to Stuart so I've been looking for an art supply store on the way where I may be able to replenish, but only found one that is beyond where I'm going, might have to make a bigger trip out of this than I thought.  Drat.  Either that or drive even further in the opposite direction to Jerry's.
Back on the home front in Boston, our contractor was in the condo yesterday and called to tell me that not only does he have to take down a wall or two looking for the source of the water damage, but now there is a big stain on the ceiling which wasn't there a few weeks ago.  So much for the assurances that there IS NO LEAK from the building manager.  So now, in addition to replacing the walls, and the cherry floors which are all cupped and uneven, we will have to deal with the ceiling.  I have to get back there and sit in the midst of the chaos as soon as my family leaves here after Thanksgiving.  But hey, on the good side I might be able to make a crit group even though I've (sigh) been replaced.  

tattoo from 'Watership Down' quote.  
I must re-read this book, remember that I loved it so much back in the early '70's when it came out.  The rabbits were so identifiable.

origami Yoda

Chicago recycled jewelry designer Justin Gates (aka “A Mechanical Mind“) created a great Mechanical Scorpion out of hand picked, placed, and soldered watch parts. Justin has created many other creatures out of such recycled parts, as well as various wearable jewelry (Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings and more) that are available to purchase on Etsy.

Hmmm.  How's that working for ya?

 iRock is a power generating rocking chair that charges Apple devices. The chair’s rocking motion is harnessed by gears that in turn wind a generator. The chair also includes an iPad dock and speakers. iRock is currently being developed for sale by Swiss furniture retailer Micasa.  This would be the ticket for those pesky power outages- gotta get one!

The 26-Pound Edible Gummy Party Python by Vat19 is a nearly 8-foot long piece of snake-shaped candy that weighs almost 27 pounds. It is handmade in the USA using 12 pounds of sugar and is available to purchase in two dual-flavor combinations (Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry and Blue Raspberry & Green Apple). Geesh, I don't even like those teeny gummy bears!

  Wonderful video of dancers being photographed and caught in mid-air.

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