Wednesday, November 14, 2012

once coachmen churchgoing

'Sandy may already be old news...'
how quickly fame passes, and also this:
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It is what we fear that happens to us.

Oscar Wilde

Spent the day yesterday sitting in the eye doctor's office with my eyes opened wide and that blue light shining in 'em.  Apparently the drops are doing their thing because the pressure was down.  Looks like I will spend the rest of my days squeezing drops in to ensure my sight doesn't leave me.  Drat.  The good news is that there was improvement, so whatever it takes, right?  Also there wasn't anything I could have done to forestall it.  Like diabetes-  I wasn't fat, I ate right most of the time, but there was this pesky genetic thing.  Maybe some day they will be able to inject all us 'imperfects' and 'seconds' and 'damaged' and get us all where we want to be.  Anyway, I am fine.  Glaucoma be damned, don't give me those hideous black old-lady glasses just yet.
like a fly

 No these aren’t incredible new high-resolution photographs of newly discovered rainbow worlds beamed back from Hubble, they’re just soap bubbles, captured by the extremely talented photographer Jason Tozer in his London studio.  So pretty.

And because I seem to have some close up stuff today~

Top, a delphinium seed, bottom is a Lamourouxia

 Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, prepare seeds for storage at the Millennium Seed Bank. Researchers at 48 partner institutions in 16 countries send seeds to Kew where viable seeds are stored in case they are needed to restore plant populations in the future. MSB’s seed morphologist Wolfgang Stuppy and visual artist Rob Kesseler have published a book (Seeds: Time Capsules of Life (Insight Editions) that contains photos of some of the seeds. They are absolutely gorgeous.

On November 11, Max Galuppo, 20, of Bloomsbury, NJ, encountered his doppelganger  at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The painting, “Portrait of a Nobleman with Duelling Gauntlet” (1562) by an anonymous artist, has an uncanny resemblance to the young man. The funny things is Galuppo didn’t spot the resemblance until he saw the photo. Is the man in the painting Galuppo’s ancestor? Maybe, but no one is sure, though Galuppo does say that the painting is from the same region of Italy his grandparents hail from.

 Scottish miniaturist David Edwards makes incredibly intricate 1/12 scale violins that are just 1.5 inches long. The miniatures are modeled after Stradivarius violins and each one takes a few months to make.  Would be a nice 'set' with yesterday's wee toolbox.  Wonder if they know each other like quilters do...

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