Thursday, November 01, 2012

atropos towel meadowland


Stitch by stitch and color by color St. Louis based figurative artist Cayce Zavaglia (previously) utilizes her background as a painter to embroider excruciatingly detailed portraits that look almost like photographs. The process, which she refers to as a “renegade approach to embroidery”, begins with a photo-shoot consisting of 100-150 portraits from which she selects the best image and then moves to the canvas where she works with one ply embroidery thread on Belgian linen to create each piece which is often not larger than 8″ x 10″.  Here is how she does it:

From BibliOdyssy-  a great beginning for a title page

I have a burning desire to go shop at Target today.  Hope this guy is there waiting for me!  I know, I have a housefull of dog already, but if time comes when I want another one, this is what I want-  I love Bull Terriers, and he wouldn't even need the one dark eye.

Sent by another pretty-squirrel-admirerer, from the Empress of Dirt blog. I suggested a dye pot, maybe pink? This is an Ontario Squirrel where apparently they are seen more frequently than other areas. He has black eyes so isn't an albino- there is something else that partial albinism is called, can't remember. I suppose he has an advantage in the Ontario winters, wouldn't last long here in the tropics! 

And Blogger has lost my signature again.  Of course its me, Sandy, the non-violent one.

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