Wednesday, October 31, 2012

calliope affidavit aquatic

"I arrived in Grade1 for art class (not craft class) and made art. I have made art ever since, some good,     some bad, some not even worth talking about."  Carol Jane Campbell

And an additional small collection of additional quotes that caught my eye this morning-  see why this is making me crazy?

Sandy caused unprecedented devastation 

Sandy struggles to resume daily life

Sandy took the first cautious steps Wednesday to reclaim routines 

Sandy slams Massachusetts

Sandy photos go viral

 knit for Sandy

And some celeb tweets:
 Chocolate is always a good cure for hysteria.  Stop over sometime for dessert.
 And Hello Fergie.  I am nice already.  Stop over sometime for dinner.
What can I say, "Linda".  How 'bout 'UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT'!  Please stay out of Florida

Me, needing a new jacket
I've been huffing and puffing around a jacket I'm trying to make in the studio-  the suddenly chilly weather drove me away from a book I'm plotting and into the big pile of fabric collected for wearables.  Unfortunately I am short about a half yard so the sleeves are pieces out of scraps, and I had to shorten the whole thing about 3".  Today I sew.  Though there is something wrong with my machine lately-  I get going and a little silver thingy from the top flies across the room and I have to spend time scouring around under stuff looking for it.  I'l long overdue for an overhaul-  as soon as this is done I'll take it in.  I plan on unveiling the serger for the jacket inside work-  wish Laurie was here for back-up!   Why am I so overpowered by a serger for cryin' out loud?  Anyway, that's the plan for the day. For once I don't have to stay home and wait for workmen.

I'm going to need two of these on my new car (as yet unlooked for) for the two dogs.  I don't know quite how I would get them INTO the sacks though.  And where do I get a running board as an option?

Dutch artist Levi Van Veluw makes incredible portraits of himself in which he is often the canvas. Over the years he has covered himself in ink, hair, stones, fake grass, and light generating foil, among other materials. 
Memoto     Memoto is a tiny wearable camera that documents the wearer’s life by automatically taking a photo every 30 seconds (video). The 1.5 inch square, 5 megapixel camera has no buttons or controls, and automatically begins taking photos whenever it is clipped on by the wearer. The photos are tagged with time stamps and location (thanks to built-in GPS), and can be browsed and shared via an iPhone or Android app.  On Kickstarter, already 4X over their goal!

And of course, I must wind up with squirrels in spite of my vow to abandon them for awhile.  I talked to my son yesterday and he hinted that it's getting a bit creepy...
One of my readers sent me a link to a whole blog article about how some squirrels had commandeered her pumpkin in her yard, chewed a hole in it, and moved in  She got some great pictures, and discovered they went to all this trouble for the seeds!  

Then, another rabid squirrel person sent me something she wants me to get for Thanksgiving gravy!  I personally think he is quite cute but other than my turkey salt and peppers, I don't want to get into themed 'tablescapes' as that blond Sandra call them.  Squirrel Barf as gravy!  Eh?

And, like my personal hurricane, it's time to blow out of here for now.  Sure hope we hear today from a few of our friends who are in NY and probably powerless and stranded.  Hopefully they are also dry and safe.

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