Friday, November 30, 2012

camel befit decaffeinate

 I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back.Zsa Zsa Gabor

Found a quilt I love, Bob Shaw is selling off quite a pile of great work, and I fell in love with this:
It's just a little too 'coals to newcastle' if you get my drift.

The stylin' Captain Samuel J. Richardson of the Second Texas Cavalry wore a standard issue hat and shirt. But his pants and his holsters were made of jaguar skin!
And THIS is how I feel about THAT

Now, to continue my brush with style, my heroine, Iris Apfel in an interview at 91.  She lives here in Palm Beach and I occasionally see her around town dressed to the 9's, as they say.  Her jewelry is to die for and she is a tiny wisp of a lady with multiple pounds of great rocks of ethnic origin.  I don't know how she carries it around!  How I would adore seeing inside her closet and looking at her collections!
Iris Apfel

 Ladies, this is a map of our hearts. Like any old map, it's safe to assume the cartographer was operating with limited tools and resources and under the influence of societal expectations. So don't be offended that Love of Dress and Display hold such a geographical prominence, or that the Country of Eligibleness is not yet called Vast Plains of Strength, Intelligence & Awesomeness. (That amendment hadn't passed yet.) 

  I'm headed up to Boston tomorrow to move all my stuff to storage so they can fix the place up-  new walls, new paint, and a new floor.  Not my choice.  If I can piggyback on someone's internet I may be able to blog, but chances are that this years crop of neighborhood students are more savvy and are locked up tight.  Not sure if I can get that fixed while I'm there but I'll try.  Got any boxes to lend me?  Got any Advil?  How about lunch...


Deb said...

and I'd like to the phone out of the wall and pitch it through a plate glass window, preferably several floors above a busy street.

max said...

Got boxes, got advil, got lunch . . . need help, let me know