Saturday, December 01, 2012

bulb dakota afresh

My hand does the work and I don't have to think; in fact, were I to think, it would stop the flow. It's like a dam in the brain that bursts.

This is a real miss-mash of stuff I've been saving, sorry for the lack of theme, but it's clearing space for new stuff.  I'll have lots of time to surf around this coming week.

Took the dogs to the studio yesterday morning for a 2 hour stay and ended up coming home after five hours!  Got lots done on the Serial Killer book- for once the printer did what I wanted and when I wanted.  I've decided the images won't be in any specific order so that freed me from much planning, but then I also found that I don't have enough women included so started some research on them.

Equal Opportunity Killers, ya know.

If you're interested, it seems like women are involved in multiple killings because they kill all their children at once or they poison multiple people over a long time, usually for their money.  Many poisoners are involved in the medical field or are caregivers to their victims.  Rarely do they go on a shooting sprees or are involved in massacres, and those particular murders are remarkable for their rarity.  Multiple poisonings were popular back at the turn of the last century but with today's technology and abilty to find poison evidence long after the fact, this type of murder seems to have dropped off. Anyway, it was very interesting-  I was only checking women who had murdered over 5 people so I know there's lots more out there.

I got off track here, what I wanted to crow about is my new roll of paper!  I have wanted access to brown paper, infinite quantities of brown paper, since I was teaching in the school system, but never actually got on the project.  Finally decided to go for it and the roll and the holder apparatus arrived before Thanksgiving but I was too busy to set it up.  I cleared a shelf so I wouldn't have it on a table always in the way and it fits perfectly.  It's supposed to be screwed down and Ill do that some time when I charge up my drill for some other project.  Anyway, it was cheap, it was easy, and now I have all the paper I can use!  Wish I had done it years ago.

While I was in the studio I wound three balls of yarn for my trip so I have SOMETHING to do while sitting in a strange bedroom if it comes to that. I mean a hotel bedroom, not what your dirty mind is thinking.  If I'm stud=ck there for long, this is probably how I will look on my return flight.  Maybe I will just make a hundred dingle balls and hang them on stuff I already have...  LOVE the umbrellas.

A man known as Ajarn Ton has been giving Thailand teens magical tattoos that are supposed to make you invincible. He has recently been arrested, because guess what- they don't work.  Whatever, they do look cool, but unfortunately teens with his tattoos think they are invincable and are putting themselves in dangerous situations thinking they are 'protected'.  I just hope they are protected from this guys needles.

 Hey, how about a science-themed Christmas tree this year? Or you might know a scientist or student who'd enjoy having a Petri dish ornament! Artist Michele Banks makes and sells them, but don't worry about dangerous cultures of microbes; the stuff growing inside is really paint. Some are extremely realistic, others not so much: she even has one that appears to be growing kittens! See them all at the Etsy store Artologica

Sheep at dusk, a bit creepy!
Cool helmets by Igor Mitin.  Wonder if there is a Dolly Parton hair helmet.

Cluttering up my desktop because it makes me laugh every time I glimpse it!

And just when you thought we were done with this, someone has sent me another squirrel picture!  This one is taxidermic riding on his rattlesnake.  I would hope this wouldn't be front and center in somebody's house but it sure looks like it-  that isn't a garage door behind the (ahem) 'sculpture'.  Yeeee-haa. And Ick.

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