Friday, November 23, 2012

hydrophilic around gimmickry

This one whacked me because on my 3 AM wake up this morning I turn on the old iPod and listen to podcasts.  I was listening to a Thomas Jefferson impersonator talk about how food and parties were handled in his White House, how he made a concerted effort to break with European tradition and protocol and had round tables with no ranks.  Old Jefferson had some things going on in his administration that made me cringe, but on the whole he is my favorite redhead that ever walked the earth and always my first pick for the old 'if you could pick anybody, living or dead, to sit next to at dinner...' question.  

ANYway, I've been tying some knots this week with all my company and this quote fit a little too well-  Thanks, Thomas (can I call you Tom?)

Did I ever talk abut starting out as a weaver all those years ago?

I know, things aren't too colorful yet, are they?  Even this won't help:
For those of you who asked, I grilled this guy, 16#s, on the charcoal Weber.  It took two hours, actually less than that because I just didn't even think of checking until then because my directions pointed me to four hours for that weight bird.  Well, HA.  Since it was done 2 hours ahead of time I shut down the grill and went on about the other stuff as fast as I could, but still it was a long time of him sitting there waiting and drying out.  The turkey was delicious but I thought dry from waiting for us for so long.  Damn.  I'm making soup today with his bones and faux matzo balls out of the stuffing.  The dogs are happy as can be with the picked off meat and I still have half a turkey left.

Black Friday today, I have been a bit remiss in getting blogging done this week with all these people here-  seems like somebody always needs some attention and I am pulled away.  I hope that I can start catching up on some email later today, as well as getting things back to more normal.  I haven't been to the studio in days, on fact I even have some Dick Blick boxes there I haven't unpacked and by now I don't remember what I ordered so it will be my own private Black Friday retail blitz when I get to them. I do have to go over this morning to print out some boarding passes.

Kids, meanwhile, had fun and in spite of the cold temperatures spent every day in the pool.
Myopic Mr. Elias is NOT fat, he is making a face here like a tough guy.  Hazel learned to put her face in the water and swim the length of the pool so great goals were reached.  Keeping Elias on the first and second steps wearing his floaties was my only goal.

If you see me on Facebook, I posted this picture of Elias there earlier.  He was getting way bored waiting for his sister's turtle-care class to end, so hiked himself up on this bench and swung his legs for awhile.  Then he laid down and kicked awhile, then flopped off the front upside down and stayed there playing with the mulch for ages.  Everybody walking by was laughing.
Yeah, I'm two.  Wanna make something of it?

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the SAQA-in-Florida show up in Daytona.  Sorry I missed it.  That's my piece, second from the right.  Looks like it's installed on some sort of ramp, and yup, it's still for sale.  Just sayin'.
And OK, I have a thing for turtles too.

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