Monday, November 19, 2012

alphameric lithic propensity

It's a little Poe Party today!  Lucky us!

Even if I didn't want to compose, I painted or stacked the pieces.
Louise Nevelson

My present from Hazel, currently on my refrigerator

Me, currently on the floor whining about breakfast.
I was going to make bacon but I've changed my mind with all the pigs today:

Original costume and mask on left, cartoon drawn from the character on right 

Really weird dancing pig video from 1907- watch to the end...

And another of Debra Broz' altered figurines from yesterday.

Today, my little piggies, I want you to see some very interesting work by Elana Herzog.  One particular aspect is her fiber installations on gallery walls, floors, and construcrtions within the gallery.  She staples fabric to the structure and removes and alters it as she goes, leaving only a slight reminiscence of what it used to be, a skeleton.  Here are a few pieces to ponder:
Formerly a chenille bedspread

Deconstructed plaids

An embroidered coverlet
From her statement:  For some years I’ve been engrossed in a body of work in which I staple found textiles—usually bedspreads and carpets—to the walls using thousands of metal staples. Parts of the fabric and the staples are then removed and sometimes reapplied, leaving a residue of shredded fabric and perforated wall surface in some areas, and densely stapled and built-up areas elsewhere. In these “drawings” staples act as mark and material, penetrating, distressing, and ornamenting the skin of the wall. The progressively dematerialized image, articulated by metal staples and fabric residue, seems to be simultaneously emerging from and disappearing into the wall. The stapled “drawing” mimics the patterns and weave of the fabric, and a kind of binary language emerges—staple being analogous to stitch.

This was written at 4 AM when I woke up worrying about how to get everything done, pick up my other kids at the airport, cook dinner and still take time for the kids here already, the ones who have redecorated my house with crayons and pipe cleaners and matchbook cars on every surface (including the floors).  When I read about crazy ladies having babies into their 60's I wonder where their heads are-  don't they realize what they are getting into, and why didn't they make that decision by their 40's when there would be chance of surviving kids and coming out the other end.  Oy.  Now, I do have to say they are cute and very funny, and indeed I am enjoying them, but YIKES to the high pitched screams and sudden temper outbursts!  I'm just not used to it.  Hope I get used to it-  or instead, I hope I can get some sleep tonight.  4 AM is not fun, but indeed I made it to 6 cutting up breakfast fruit and putting dishes away as well as reading email. The coffee is chortling away, the dogs have gone out and who knows, if things go as scheduled, it will be LIGHT soon.  Wish me luck.

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