Sunday, November 18, 2012

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It is not work that kills men; it is worry. Worry is rust upon the blade.
Henry Ward Beecher

Yesterday I showed you the scorpion and this spider is by the same guy,  Chicago-based jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates who recently grew a bit tired of creating and while experimenting with some watch part anatomy he decided to try his hand at spider and insect legs.  This guy looks for all the world like what I have been unintentionally breeding (and vacuuming up!) in the studio.

Turtle Takedown in Amsterdam.  (turn down the sound, it's just people-noise)  I hope somebody came to his rescue.

Catepillar Convoy (again, turn down the sound because it's in Japanese I think)  Incredible instincts.

Orphaned Walrus Babies, who knew they were this cute and cuddly?  Wouldn't this job be great-  sitting in a pool room feeding and cuddling these guys, well except for the fishy atmosphere.

Another walrus, this one by Debra Broz who takes figurines and recombines them into different species.  Here is a Walrus-Bear, or maybe it's a Polar-Walrus, hard to tell.  I have several more of these I'll show you next time.

My kids start arriving in FL in an hour or so and I've been scurrying around getting their place set up and making sure they have everything they will need to settle into their rental.  Still have to blow up the pink bike tires and stick the pool noodles somewhere they won't be found until it's time.  Tomorrow the second wave of family hits the airport and there will be 2 more here.  Can't wait to have everybody together for the first time in forever it seems.  

Food report:  The stalks of broccoli CAN be cooked whole, there is a method on the Trader Joe website.  You simply trim them down to fit the oven, rub them liberally with olive oil, salt and pepper (they used maple syrup on theirs but I'm going to go with a splash of balsamic when they're done).  The extra ones I'll have to trim off go right on the cookie sheet, and they roast for about 45  minutes until they are easily pierced by a little knife.  Then I'm supposed to sprinkle them with pomegranet seeds but I'm skipping that too-  perhaps will throw on a handful of pine nuts, we'll see what it needs when they are cooked.  Damn, it does mean a different platter too.  Maybe not a grand idea in this space-deprived kitchen.  Looks like Thursday will just be a vegetable and turkey prep day, and the turkey is going on the grill so things will all fit.  I'll do the pies on Wednesday.  (Remember I now have a resident pastry chef and her husband has told me her apple pie rivals mine!)  I'd love to relinquish my pie title and put the tiara on somebody else's head.  And whammo, it's done!  

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow, probably not unless there is an imposed NAP TIME.  We'll see.  So, instead of ciao, this week it's 

                                 Now, go watch those baby walrusses again.

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Terry Grant said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of work for Sandy! Enjoy. I am thankful for you and your blog.