Friday, December 14, 2012

civil inch coward

I think people who create and write, it actually does flow-just flows from into their head, into their hand, and they write it down. It's simple. 

Before I get started with squirrels and Christmas trees and irony and whatever else I can dredge up, I have a reading assignment for you.  It's an article by Simon Doonan and is titled 'WHY THE ART WORLD IS SO LOATHSOME, Eight Theories'.  The title is linked for ease of transition.  So, now read it and tell me what you think! 

Teaser:  'How did the art world become such a vapid hell-hole of investment-crazed pretentiousness?' 
I'm gonna also post on the SAQA list because I like nothing better than knocking sacred idols off their pedestals. Idols like Art Basel Miami, currently in production.  

Since 2006 Pittsburgh-based husband and wife Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth have run the Tugboat Printshop, a traditional printmaking studio where everything is made by hand, starting with the giant slabs of wood into which each of their images are carved. The Moon is their largest hand-carved relief print ever coming in at 36″ x 32″ (91 x 82 cm) and will printed using two colors.

The medium of choice for artist Robert Wechsler is U.S. pennies, tens of thousands of which (the largest uses 26,982 coins) he has carefully cut and assembled into a latticework forming perfect cubes. The series of sculptures titled The Mendicant can be seen through December 15th at the International Art Objects Galleries in Culver City, CA.

This impeccably detailed ceramic sculpture called Cycles of Decay was created by ceramicist Christopher David White who works out of Bloomington, Indiana. Even on close inspection the knotted and twisting veins of the tree branch look almost exactly like old wood.
and now back to me.

I've been working on the Serial Killers book all morning, found this guy when I was looking for 'wanted' posters but I didn't get any-  seems that all I can find are ones folks have made with their relatives on them.  So, instead of a poster with one of my guys on it, I am settling for fingerprints and have colored all my digits black to get some good ones on the cover.  I woke up from a dream last night about getting blood on it too.  Anyway, it's slow going, I keep screwing up the placement of the text on each page and don't dee the problem until after it's printed-  you'd think after 50 of them I'd get it, wouldn't you?  Sigh.  I've had a pot of coffee, perhaps that's the problem???   Nah.

Have some presents to wrap and I have to get back to FedEx again to get them out.  Christmas is upon us-  how come it always arrives unexpected and I am so unprepared?  I left a bunch of little presents back in Boston, thinking TY could grab them and hand them out when he's up there next week, but now I find out he's only there one night and won't be in the condo at all, much for that plan, guess those things will wait for my January trip. 
 And now I must get back to my Killers or I won't make today's quota.  

Found this on Facebook-  the tree is in Belgium and entirely made from cups and plates!

cookie tree

chocolate santa tree

ecologic plastic bag tree

I post this creche every year-  it cracks me up.

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