Tuesday, December 04, 2012

conifer hilton barcelona

Your hand is never the worse for doing it's own work.
Welsh Proverb


 I love this twisted vine, in fact I loved it enough to use as my Facebook banner. Now I am thinking I will use it here too because it looks like giant macrame and harkens back to braiding  or twisting tassels. Fiberish, eh?  Use your imagination.  Anyway, it's probably more than I want to bother with in my temporary situation here.  Sigh.
Speaking of that, here is all the stuff I pulled from the den cupboards-  it doesn't show how deep the pile is, and I have already tossed out FOUR grocery bags full of VHS tapes and games from the 70's that have never been opened and maybe six or seven 'throws' that I've used over the years.  The nice wool ones I gave away, the polar fleece I Goodwilled.  Sometime this week I want to plow through the albums and perhaps consolidate some.  WHO are these people we are keeping pictures of???
I think I need a prescription for these.  All I ate yesterday was a Reuben but I made one sandwich into two meals.  I'd kill for a real meal, and just in time this morning Lisa called so I'm getting a decent lunch today at an actual lunch time.  Now novel.  Even my stash of sparking water has gone flat.

Today Sneezy, the Penn State squirrel,  is looking quite intelligent in his Einstein chapeau.  

The carpenters just arrived and are busy demolishing the cupboards and installing the closet so it's time for me to bolt.  And with that, I am off to stash stuff from my old studio in the bathroom now- the bedroom and den are completely full of piled crap and I simply cannot deal with sorting and organizing any more so instead I'll pile it. Then I take the 5 Goodwill bags over to the trailer, hit the drugstore for some necessities, and then off to meet Lisa for lunch and a little consignment shopping. I PROMISE not to buy anything but lunch!

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