Monday, December 03, 2012

brevity menzies reducible

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. 
And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. Jim Rohn

Today's MA Situation-  I finally met the contractor who brought over the big deal plumber-guy and a helper.    We all trekked upstairs to inform the woman who lives above me that tomorrow her bathroom walls are coming down.  Then we went next door to tell that family that indeed, tomorrow their bathroom walls are coming down too.  Then back to my place where the walls are already down.  Uh.  But this guy thinks he knows what to look for and all hopes are that after tomorrow we will all be rebuilding our walls.  Oops, I got ahead of myself-  after tomorrow we get to wait for the Mold Abatement guys in their hazmet suits.  Then the walls can go back up.  

I'm not holding up well, getting quite anxious without my studio at hand to calm myself.  

I short-circuited today looking at paint colors.  I'm dealing now with a very light yellow-green paint on all surfaces, but want to go to something darker, less yellow/gold, and more neutral. What I'd really like is a warm gray-  the color of the ocean on a foggy day.  Whatever I get I want it to not be yellow in the slightest, I am over it.  I'm painting the former studio space a shade called 'Almost Black', and it is.  There are only two walls in there and we want to use the room now as a nighttime den/tv room.  The third wall is brick, and the fourth is mostly multi-paneled glass patio doors now painted metallic olive green.  Maybe the doors should be black too, we'll see.

I now have two different but coordinating rugs in gold and bronze in the living room.  One will go into the studio, and one in the dining room, while the red oriental will now be in the living room and out from under the dining table.  Which means I will need new curtains because they are now undeniably gold with damask insects woven in.  I need something linen-y, maybe with a dark band around the bottom if I can't find any long enough.  Maybe I should get curtains first before committing to a paint color.  Lordy, I will need a thousand yards, hope I can find ready-made because I do NOT want to sew them myself.  Another thing I'm over.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Now back to Tony Bourdain in Paris.  No reindeer to be seen. 

My idea of Rudolph, the Ethnic Reindeer, what a handsome guy.

From the Onion store, an ink pad I absolutely gotta have-  hint hint hint.  
And I won't order it myself, promise.

One of the National Geographic photo contest entries. This one was taken with a flash which woke up the whole cave full of bats.  Heebie Jeebies here.

But this next one will erase that memory:
SNEEZY,the Penn state squirrel.  Go visit him and is hats on Facebook-  he has his own page and *I* have an unlimited supply of squirrel pictures.  Here he is showing off his acorn beret.

Maybe I'll get back to art soon.  Hang in there with me until I escape  

errr- I mean go back to Florida next Tuesday

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