Wednesday, September 11, 2013

dodson prospect affectation

A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Off to the airport this morning and thankfully Jerry's Artorama is close by, so instead of sitting in the cell phone lot, I'll pick up my brand new gallon of PVA glue and troll he aisles looking for new stuff I can't live without!  Should kill an hour but I bet today is one of those days when the planes land early.  I need some new paper too- the pile I have are getting dog eared from me fondling them.  I really need a flat file but no way will I spring for that kind of money.  I did see a good IKEA hack for a flat file and might go that route-  they used small legs in the corners of desktops and stacked them as big as they could.  Might have to get out the electric screwdriver for it, but it would be worth it.  I'll see if they deliver any of these pieces because it's not worth the drive down there to the nearest IKEA, maybe 40 miles.  Even for their meatballs. (Tell me, WHAT is the attraction with those?)  

UPDATE:  TY fell on the wet golf course and dislocated his shoulder yesterday.  Has a script for PT to see if that fixes it and he is banned from golf until (are ya ready?)...  December.  shoot me now  He didn't sleep all night from the pain and took a Tylenol PM as he got on the plane.  I swear he's lucky he didn't get arrested for drunk and disorderly as he staggered off, one armed and miserable.  I don't envy whoever had to sit next to him, but he is now sleeping it off and probably will be out the rest of the day.  And oh yeah, I only got a quart of PVA, not a gallon.  Also bought some new pretty papers and ran like hell to get them in the car between the raindrops.  But we're home now and everybody is asleep but me, I apparently drew first watch.  So I'm gonna knit over the snoring-  its a very small house.   Sigh

I have to get the black quilt on the wall for a good cleaning-  the black fabric is sticky apparently and evey piece of lint in south FLorida is now fluffing itself onto it.  I hope a good workover with blue painters tape will help, but it may take the more drastic damp-towel approach.  NOT a good sign for future usefulness.  Meanwhile the Twins are almost finished being bound.  I sewed the sleeve on before I layered it so that's done.  It just need a label and a cleanup of i's own and it is done.  The only other thing on the tables is the little box which is done but I am thinking it needs a coat of varnish for protection.  The papers I used are really absorbent and I'm afraid will soften up and get nicked easily.  Hey, I should see what Jerry's has-  I don't want to use acrylic gloss  varnish because it stays very sticky.  Sticky Icky.

So, here we go, you now know where to find me at any given moment today.  So here are todays 'Sumpthin' From Nuthin' choices-  folks who work with whatever they have lying around, illustrating the artist's need to create no matter what.  

A self-declared Miniaturist, artist Jason D’Aquino creates incredibly detailed illustrations on a small scale.  D’Aquino uses high-magnification goggles (like a jeweler) to assist him in creating his itsy-bitsy images and has enjoyed the challenge of seeing how small he can go with his pencil drawings.  D’Aquino had a pencil in his hand since before he could walk,”  He is also a world renowned tattoo artist and owns a parlor in Buffalo, NY called Leviathan Tattoo. His teeny-tiny works have been shown all over the world. 

And speaking of the 'Sumpthin' From Nuthin' Theme here, I found a Very Important article about several artist's foundations that may open a few eyes to charitable giving.  Tell me you would;dnt want to be on one of these 'boards'  Incredible.  And doubtful that this is what any one of the artists had intended for their legacy.   We need to keep our eyes on this one, folks. 

Don’t judge folks by their relatives.

Using found articles around the city Ernest Zacharevic paints in the missing details.  Find out more about Ernest Zacharevic's work here.

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive

And OK, before I go, how 'bout a gratuitous grandson picture?  
They're gonna kill me for this, but it is such a great shot:

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Terry Grant said...

It must be the creamy gravy. (the appeal of the IKEA meatballs...) I am generally fairly grossed out by any food that is gray-ish ground meat, but I can't seem to resist those meatballs. And the lingonberry sauce...