Monday, October 28, 2013

arab snoop birthright

"Work lovingly done is the secret of all order and happiness."   Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

Nurse Ratchet reporting in-  things going OK, drugged and weird but almost present sometimes.  He's glad to be out of the hospital and home, but can't move much without the pain catching him.  He says he will be OK to fly on Saturday-  I simply can't imagine...  I am busying myself with cooking.and one-armed housekeeping (!) which is somewhat limited in scope as you might imagine.  My own shoulder is worser and worser and watching TY go through this isn't encouraging for my own future.  Drat.  
I do not ELECT to do ELECTIVE surgery!  

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

Last night my 'kids' all came over, not the little ones, just big ones and it was fun. Jackie brought over a 30# lasagna which we all devoured and Nate brought sausage for the non-vegetarians.  I had the massive task of garlic bread and came through with flying colors because it too was all gone.  And I turned over the two quilts, the two sweaters, and the complete official batting practice RedSox infant jacket and cap.  Jackie was very polite and said she was going to hang the horse quilt in the baby's room and I made sure to tell he she didn't have to.  Both liked the sweaters which of course look HUGE compared to the 0-3 mo infant stuff she's been seeing.  Whatever, they are fun to watch getting excited over this next chapter!

My grandkiddos as CHEETAHS.  Hazel wanted a cheetah costume but my poor daughter could only find 'sexy cheetah' costumes except this one-  you know the kind, fishnets for 5 year olds, skirts 6" long and fake cheetah stripper shoes.  She found this one appropriate and fortunately Elias decided he wanted to be a cheetah too.  And here they are in their dress rehearsal showing their claws.  High excitement in that house this week-  I think they have a party or some Halloween activity every day!  I better get up to their house the day after to steal all their candy!

internationally renowned artist Florentijn Hofman (Delfzijl, 1977) does not settle for less than huge. His sculptures are large, very large, and are bound to make an impression. 

The Feestaardvarken is a 30 meter long concrete sculpture which has the appearance of a abstracted aardvark with a golden partyhat on. The work is site specific made and was commissioned by Burgers' Zoo. The sculpture is a present from this 100th years anniversary celebrating zoo to the city of Arnhem.

Sunbathing Hare is a temporary 15 meter long wooden sculpture. It's a enlarged cuddle toy made out of plywood and relaxing on hare Island.
The sunbathing hare is displayed near the Peter and Paul fortress. The work is part of the cultural program of Russia - The Netherlands Bilateral Year 2013.

Zombie Car, in honor of Halloween of course!

Images of an abandoned car engulfed by overgrown ivy plants in Huayang village, in China's Sichuan province, have gone viral after police responded to complaints from the local residents and were forced to tow away the vehicle. In China, abandoned cars are known as “jiangshiche” or “zombie cars”, but the Huayang example, resembling a giant-size Chia Pet has quickly become the most popular zombie car in China, taking the social media world by storm.

Instant baby chipmunk, just add water!  I think there is also a Keureg version now too.

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