Thursday, October 24, 2013

debug lazy epithelial- where I whine so much

Art is not a thing: It is a way. 
Elbert Hubbard 

Well, I got TY off to Boston last night but he called me from the airport to tell me he was delayed and despondent and going to take a cab home.  i talked him down-  seems that the JetBlue plane staff made an announcement that the tv monitors were all out of order on this plane!  Bit deal you say?  His flight left at 7:30 and the RedSox started at 8.  The plane was stuffed with Bostonians and they had some 'attitude' at the announcement apparently.  But even delayed, they landed ahead of schedule in the eighth inning so TY stayed up late watching highlights after the fact.

He is scheduled for his shoulder surgery Friday afternoon so I figure he will miss a few games while he's on drugs, but if the Sox hold out, he'll be there for the celebrating!  Fenway Game tonight-  Cross your fingers...  and yell your head off!  

I'm pulling things out of the refrigerator to cook up and freeze-  so far I have meatballs cooling to use up the hamburger, I squeezed 8 lemons to freeze the juice in 1 cup containers for those Arnold Palmers when we get back, and sliced up 4 huge onions to caramelize for whatever I want to make when I get back.  Last night I made a big bread pudding-  don't know how that will freeze but it might not make it that far if I keep picking at it.  Tomorrow I'll work on housework and banking and packing.  Save me.

I also did 2 big loads of laundry, AND I had my gyn appointment.  I did all this one-armed because my own shoulder is screaming at me but I had to cancel my doc appt until I get back-  now I have to put off getting it fixed until TY is ambulatory.  Drat, I figured if I ignored it long enough that it would just go away but that hasn't happened-  it needs attention.  

I found two guys that manipulate photographs in unusual ways-  the first, Johan Rosenmunth, pixilates the subject-  see below:

Copenhagen-based artist Johan Rosenmunthe has been exploring themes of the modern era in his  two part series Off, creating photographically sharp environments filled with individuals blurred out in pixelated 8-bit form. As he puts it: “Never have we had access to so much information about each other, and never has the information been so unreliable.”

 And the second, Sebato Visconte, used corrupted thumb drives:

Glitch Photography:  a solo exhibition by Sabato Visconti. The featured artwork is a part of his Glitch Photography, an ongoing project that explores the digital nature of contemporary photography and its relationship to human memory. Visconti, a locally based commercial and fine art photographer, stumbled upon the "glitch" technique. "I discovered glitch photography almost by accident, when my photographer friend's compact flash memory card started corrupting every JPEG photo we took. I wanted my own broken memory card, but tampering with a CF card isn't as easy as it seems. When I opened a corrupted JPEG in a hex code editor I learned that the broken card was writing zeroes randomly throughout the file. That's when I figured out I could guide this seemingly random process." Visconti exploits the corruption of the digital files through displacement of codes and other techniques. So no, these glitches are not errors. The process is no longer an accident, but a controlled destructive process that alters aesthetic and changes the way we perceive visual information.

Finally it's cool enough to lay out in the Florida sun!  Down here they don't have to hoard nuts in  tree crevasses, they eat what they want and then go lie down, knowing that she they're hungry agin in ah hour or a week or next winter, those nuts will still be around.

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