Thursday, October 24, 2013

perturbate piracy wan

"The 'magic' that makes art, happens when skill and inspiration are joined by an elusive and 
  unpredictable quality beyond the potter's ken."   Bob Rippon

INCOMPLETE MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE     Bruce Mau          Remember.  Growth is only possible as a product of history. Without memory, innovation is merely novelty. History gives growth a direction. But a memory is never perfect. Every memory is a degraded or composite image of a previous moment or event. That’s what makes us aware of its quality as a past and not a present. It means that every memory is new, a partial construct different from its source, and, as such, a potential for growth itself.

go there and pick your flavor and you'll get your name in chewed gum!

Compare and contrast-  the teensy tiny~
Look!  It's a wee artiste!

Husband and wife duo Kurt and Edwidge Moses photograph miniature figurines in a the real world in this clever series called Un Petit Monde (French for “A Small World”). It started in Kurt’s childhood as a creative fascination with the tiny characters that came with his train sets. He says “I dreamed up scenarios out in my backyard. As an adult, my inspiration comes from current and past experiences, how I see the world and my sense of humor.”

Like every fall in Japan, rice is harvested, leaving behind straw to be hung and dried. In some rural areas, though, the rice straw has a special use: Making giant beasts.  Kagawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture have the most famous "straw art festivals," which are large straw sculpture displays.  Traditionally, straw was used to thatch roofs. In much the same manner, these straw sculptures are thatched around wooden frames. But instead of roofs, enormous dinosaurs, bugs, and much, much more are created.


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