Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Wow-  finally something I'm good at!

"A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense."  Bruno Munari

I had friends in for dinner last night so spent most of the afternoon getting it all to look effortless.  I can't stand a mess in the kitchen when people arrive so everything has to be prepared and ready to go before they get here.  I was gifted with a mess of country ribs so was forced into finding people who would help us eat them.  I use a dry rub and then a toss on the grill for a few minutes each side.  And I'll do the same again 'next time'.  I also made a composed salad of cucumbers, celery and fennel all very finely sliced, a half pound of green beans and a pile of tiny gold potatoes.  The dressing was yogurt with some parsley and lemon juice and it was perfect.  I still have a mess of ribs left for tonight, lucky me.  Oh yeah, at the end I made a roasted peach ice-cream and chopped up some pecan bark for a topping-  to die for.  I caught the peaches just in time-  the roasting saved them.

Short time in the studio yesterday working on the Scarecrow Project for opening night here in 2 weeks.  I was supplied with a metal form which I have been trying to work with but it isn't cooperating with ME very well.  I had to take off the head and will replace it with a black pumpkin I've drilled to fit over the armature.  

off with it's head 
A hole bored out for the very skinny neck.
Then I glue on an old hat of mine that I've attached 2 crows.  
I have ten more crows to figure out how to add, plus adding a burlap skirt before I'm done.  

Will be wobbly but possibly get through one evening.
Why am I doing this?  Oy.

Today I went out with another old friend who is a real thrift store shopper.  I hung in there for a couple of hours but since I no longer am looking for 'things' I got a bit bored.  Was holding object after object that I liked and the price was right BUT I have no place to put anything so I came home after having only spent a few bucks on some conch fritters.  Not a bad investment.  Now I am going to settle down and finish ONE of my three unfinished projects if it kills me.  It probably won't, but you'd sure think so the way I procrastinate.  

I’m really enjoying these new pieces by artist 1010 that seems to peel away layers from mundane urban walls to reveal a depth of colorful layers. The Hamburg-based artist had a number of similar works on canvas at the Stroke Art Fair in Berlin in September.


Sumo Wrestlers

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Rolled with dyed rice and vegetables and wrapped in seaweed, they are then sliced to reveal images ranging from fine art reproductions such as Boticelli's Birth of Venus to anime characters to piles of corn-speckled feces complete with flies. The sushi art rolls are both created and taught in classes by Tokyo artist Tama-chan. Making canes wouldn't be any different from using polymer clay I suppose.

While shopping today I found these for ya:
a verrry $$$$ set of six plates, each with it's own varmints

A ceramic surprised guy with acorn.  
I did not buy them, no I didn't.

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