Friday, October 18, 2013

calendrical commodore goad

“The British psychoanalyst D. W. Winnicott believed artists were people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.” 

I told you that I had set up a bunch of doctor appointments for the next two weeks, didn't I?  Two down and probably ten to go.  I used to do this on my birthday but I got out of that habit as we moved and I needed all new docs, but I think I have that list finished now and maybe I will try to migrate them all back for the birthday tradition.  (I make the appointments on my b'day, don't GO because I am busy eating sugar free cake!)  Well yesterday was the dermatologist.  On a referral I ended up with a young woman less than half my age who is quite lovely-  I am frankly embarrassed to show the vulgarities of my old body to her in spite of the way she approaches me-  calling Age Spots 'Wisdom Spots' as she goes after them with the nitro tank.  As of today she removed most of my Wisdom, and checked the nooks and crannies for anything suspicious and I'm home free.  Yeaaa.  But that appointment, getting lost finding the office, stopping at Publix, dealing with the ailing doggie took up my whole damn day.  No studio, just knitting more hexagons in the waiting room.  And that my friends is why I didn't blog yesterday-  kept thinking I would get at it but never did.  I'll try to do bettah... if nothing saps my wisdom out today too.

OK, It's bordering on obsession, but I can't stop checking the Banksy website for what is happening with his NY 'residency'.  Today it's in Williamsburg, a Japanese theme-  how fun is this?
 Based on those Edo period woodcuts~
 And not readily accepted by the powers that be!
And that's a Good Thing.
Because yesterday somebody tried to deface the graffiti but was quickly 'dissuaded' from his project and wrestled to the ground amongst all the photographers and onlookers-
 Upon that, a couple of guys started trying to erase the damage-
And were joined by hoards of appreciators-
It now looks almost as painted, a Brouhahaha!  And is fully documented just in case.
I don't know what happened to the guy defacing the deface.  Read the Post.

More Phake Defacing:
Yarn bombed Octopus Tree, see the fishy below:

Jill Watt and her sister Lorna Watt knitted a squid to cover a magnolia tree! The art installation is part of the Downtown San Mateo (California) project. Lorna is their Artist in Residence, and shows us how the yarn bombing was done on her blog Knits for Life. I love how they stared at the tree and imagined what it could be with the proper yarn covering. The finished artwork took more than four miles of yarn! See more pictures at Jill's blog The Dapper Toad

And this is filed in my WTF file.  When did decorating for Halloween advance to this?  I would put a cardboard skeleton in the kitchen window and a pumpkin on the porch and call it a night, but this guy takes it the extra mile.  And boy am I glad he doesn't live next door!  (Turn your sound down!)

 Halloween gif, not a gift.

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