Saturday, October 26, 2013

OMG, it's post #1800!

I thought I had a post all ready to publish without having to write one.  But tonight I am too wiped out to do much of anything.  I'm in Boston, TY had his shoulder surgery Friday afternoon and it was successful but they kept him in the hospital overnight because they were having trouble with pain management.  Fine with me-  what the hell would *I* do if he wakes up screaming at 3 AM?  Anyway, they found a good combination of drugs and he was brighter this afternoon but they still have to get him off the drip and onto oral meds so they now are keeping him tonight too.  

Trying desperately to stay awake to 9 tonight, but I have hit the wall from all my running around these last few days.  I am hoping to sleep in.  

Meanwhile I finished one of the sweaters about ten minutes ago for the new baby-  hope the super cute thing makes up for the pile of bad quilts they are also getting.  I have decided to just fold 'em up and pass 'em over and let THEM decide what to do. Needs to be blocked but that can wait.
cute. no?  He'll have to grow a bit but from my experience you can' stop that!  One more to finish the neckband on, gotta get it down this trip if I don't have a stroke first.

So, back to the Modern Family reruns and a li'l wait for the Advil to kick in.

1800 posts with this one since 2004.  I thought it would be more festive than this, sigh.
Tomorrow's another day.


Sandy said...

well congrats anyway!
All the best for the nurse role in the next few days.
Sandy in the UK

Mary Beth Frezon said...

Congrats as the odometer rolls over! Always fun and yet not quite as much fun as we'd hope for, right? But still a testament to stick-to-it-ness and good on ya.