Sunday, November 10, 2013

fadeout vagina tellurium

The little chick leaves the egg!

Soooo, meet the chick!    Born last night amidst great fanfare, he's being called 'Mister' for his initials-  M.R., all five pounds 11 ounces of him. I flew to Boston to spend the day listening to him make adorable little sounds and talk with the new mommy and daddy.  They are completely smitten, as it should be.  The delivery went well and was a great positive experience which you certainly don't hear often.  And I am afraid he has captured me too!  Always room for a new grand baby!  Welcome, Mister!  I'll be here tomorrow and then fly out Tuesday to get back to my own chaos for a week, then come back to Boston to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Once I get back from that (which reminds me I don't have a ticket!), it will take teams of wild horses to drag me back to the cold weather.  

"We must never shirk the preparation in the wings, the practicing of the old self-hypnotic to transform   ourselves completely before we step onto the stage."   Laurence Olivier

the work of Pennsylvania artist and designer Paula Swisher and her series of birds drawn in books. Lately the artist has been drawing on her mail, often adapting the color (and subject!) to the context of the mail piece. See lots more here.

Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.

Every time you look through this series of illustrations by Nataliya you will discover more details to make you smile. The Russian artist gives us a peek into her creative mind with these twisted drawings that she collectively calls The Last Supper. The series features several animals, including some humans, sitting down to dinner. The coolest part about each picture is that Nataliya used the crease of her drawing book to give more dimension to the drawings, so that when the book is open, it looks like the kooky characters are sitting at a table.

Freshman Sneezy

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