Monday, November 11, 2013

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"I have only to let myself go! So I have said all my life, but I have never fully done it."   Henry James 

Just spending a few hours ALONE and UNNEEDED in the condo before heading off to the hospital to gaze at Mister some more.  Naked, blind and hairless, it's amazing how he can make his needs known at this early stage!  When he was unwrapped from his blankets yesterday the cool air startled him and he sounded like a kitten. That won't last long, heh heh.  My daughter came in the afternoon and I left for a bit- then met her for dinner later.  I can't even remember the last time we were actually alone together and a martini certainly was in order.  A good day all around, everybody is happy-  my favorite state!

Today I am off to meet the other side of Mister's family for lunch and then to pop in to smell the back of his neck before I come home and arrange for an airport ride in the morning, unfortunately timed again for 5 AM.  What's wrong with this picture- doesn't chaos ever go away?

Banksy GIFs by ABVH:  From the Upper West Side to Staten Island, Banksy has certainly been making the rounds along the streets of New York with his Better Out Than In project. In reaction to the British street artist's handiwork, fans have been flocking to see the art in person, taking photographs and interacting with the many unauthorized pieces. In an effort to add a new creative spin to the work, Serbian gif artist ABVH brought life to many of the artist's murals in this series called Animated Banksy. By adding motion to the static images, ABVH adds a bit more humor to the already clever pieces. He works closely to maintain impeccable details within the slightly moving stencils, in what some could describe as an homage to the graffiti artist's incredible talents.

Filip Dujardin photographs buildings that are post modern and mundane. They are nondescript and unassuming. He has a way of spicing things up, though. With the help of Photoshop, Dujardin uses these photos and remixes them into structures we’ve never seen before and could never exist in our world. His series of images, titled Fictions, is just that, but done so seamlessly and with such mastery that we might think they are real.

And something Ive never talked about before, brought upon by the hoopla over the Miss Universe 'National' Costume competition. Go look them up, too funny.
1890 Exotic Dancer

1940's Burlesque

And today's Big Fannie Annie
Oy.  Where's my feathers?

Gerrie sent this along, another friend I've never met-  it's been around awhile but I love it still!  And it closes us up with a squirrel to remember.  Thanks Gerrie!

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