Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.   (John Ruskin)

Celebrating Turkey Day!  

Still shopping and cooking and jamming things in the refrigerator.  I ran out of room about three casserole containers ago  so with still 2 days to go, it's getting dicey.  I got the dressings both ready today, one with sausage and apples, the other with mushrooms and vegetable broth-  something for everybody!  I'll wait until tomorrow to make the pies and save the salad and sprouts and potatoes until Thursday.  Daughter will be coming early and she wants to be in charge of cocktails, an area of expertise, so she's on that detail.  TY wants grandkids here early and 'underfoot' (his word, not mine) so he can watch the parade or start training them to Fox News early.  Sigh.  

Yesterday I acted as 'spotter' for Mister's first real bath-  actually he was enjoying it and his mom was fast and efficient so I was basically only the incidental photographer and baby wrangler while mom took a shower herself.  He is still so tiny and looked hysterical in his shark robe:
Believe it or not, he IS in there.

In my spare moments I've gotten two big bags of clothes ready to donate, stuff that I don't think I've worn since we moved here 13 years ago.  Sneakers with soles that have disintegrated:  out!  Heels that are too high or too wide:  out!  The closet looks better, but probably other stuff should go too-  something to save for the next purge.  I also went through the bathroom drawers and threw out everything I couldn't even remember buying-  old lipsticks that had an odd smell, a couple of old prescriptions, self-tanners and smelly lotions I hated from the start: out!  Still more to go.  

The way I look at this week is clearing the (psychological!) decks for doing some art when I get back.  The less on my 'to-do' list, the freer I will be.  This is a housewife week, my Real Life starts up again Saturday back in the studio.  So, my friends, I am going to go get back to work, but first I will go sit with the rope and pulley and do the PT so the rest of the afternoon will be in the kitchen.  But first!!!

Danish artist Olafur Eliasson reminds us to never judge a book by its cover. Better known for his public installations and sculptural work, Eliasson’s book Your House brings architectural scale to a microscopic level. Out of 454 pristine pages, Eliasson laser-cuts the negative space of his Copenhagen home, each sheet serving as a paper-thin cross section that gives shape to tiny doors, stairways, and window frames.

And a couple of incredible tattoos that run off the body and onto somebody else's body!  Kind of takes the old Yosemite Sam pictures to a new level.

Commitment tattoos:  how about these ‘all in one’ tattoos we’re beginning to see crop up around the web. The often large-scale designs cover at least two bodies, and in many cases require all individuals to stand arm in arm to show the complete design. Now that’s a commitment!

Mad Chicken Helmet-  scary or no?

NO.  Just silly.

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