Tuesday, November 05, 2013

teledyne cardamom bacteria

The idea of the vital movement of the world and its movement is simultaneity. 

HORRORS: You may be at the top of your game now, eager to say yes to anything that sounds like fun. Nevertheless, you hesitate to jump in because you don't want to waste your energy on something that's unimportant in the long run. There's no need to hide behind a song and dance today; express your concerns kindly without worrying about the reactions of others. Weigh your options and make your best choice.

Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway.
(one can hope)

Today is goin' to the dogs.  Molly has lost more weight but seems to be eating OK so I made her an appointment for this afternoon to check her out.  Also she has a couple of new 'hotspots' where she has chewed herself raw-  a new thing.  Also I called fro a grooming appointment because she ended up a mass of mats from her week away from my brush and comb and is badly in need of attention.  She seems to be OK and happy to be home, not lethargic for losing so much weight, but I am really concerned.  Pepper is Pepper, always happy, always looking for a hug inside or a squirrel outside!

My shoulder has apparently gone out in sympathy to TY's-  I cannot lift my arm more then 2-3" now and was awake most of the night in pain.  Seeing the doc for a referral this week if I make it that long.  Don't know how I will lift a turkey if this isn't fixed.  Its amazing how impacted I feel from what I CAN'T do.  I can't even unlatch the gate in the courtyard to walk the dogs!  Is there a pill for a torn shoulder?  Damn, I have to get TY up and out before this can be my turn!

The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with, 
watches you from the mirror every morning’.

I want o take you down a long road back into my past-  I found my original geocities website in the way-back machine and got such a lick out of one page that I need to share!  
The Crit Group
This is my crit group 20 years ago -  we are still intact except for adding Adrienne Stone and Jude Lazalere after I mostly moved away and Barb left to pursue her poetry.  Other than those changes, everybody is doing beautiful work though their OWN specific work now.  All have their own websites if the links to them aren't working-  just google their names for what they are doing today.  Here you go-  have fun, and I apologize for the 'fun' fonts, but at least I don't have chickens dancing across the page!  

Want to talk about WOOD today?  I have three artists who work exclusively with wood that I have been saving (the links, not the wood!), know you will love them too~

 WOOD  Street artist Sambre recently completed a new mural that he created for Le MUR XIII, an organization that was formed a few years ago with the installation of a billboard that serves as an outdoor temporary mural exhibition space located on Rue Oberkampf in Paris. Using found wood, the artist created a six foot tall three dimensional human face that seems to emerge from the billboard. Sambre works with a variety of media, including wood, metal, and glass. His work takes its form from the environment in which it is located. 

It's HMS bric-a-brac! Boat built using hundreds of wooden objects including rolling pins, hockey sticks and a guitar is unveiled | Mail Online  Check the above picture to see the items that are fit into the hull.  I see a tennis racket, hockey sticks, wooden hangers and some wood tools.

Artist Morgan Herrin    is working with common 2×4 lumber and using it for the most uncommon of purposes: creating fantastically perfect surreal sculptures. His creations are just as bizarre as his material, and equally beautiful too. In one example the bust of a woman is enveloped by sea life; in two others, medieval knights are seemingly dissolving into cave-like stalactites.

This guy found a bunch of squirrels all drunk from eating fermented nuts so he is moving them to a comfy place to sleep it off.  That's what I am telling myself...and you!

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