Saturday, November 30, 2013

womanhood recusant bison

This post obviously shows I have spent way too much time watching CSI.  Forgive me.

With that, I guess I don't need to hunt down another quote, do I?  So here I go with both feets-  I had to get up at 5 to make the plane and when I got to the airport it was teeming with families trying to go home.  My plane was only 4 across, always makes me nervous especially when I get the exit row.  But fortunately I sat next to a guy wearing full wrap around sunglasses and backwards baseball cap and a sort of track suit with writing on every part.  I basically said 'hi' and sat down and that was the extent of our conversation.  He had on white athletic socks and white sneakers with green swooshes and played with a phone most of the trip.  you know this guy, right?  I just figured him to be late teens, early 20's and sat there for 3 hours trying not to let my head drop as I kept dozing off.

Well we landed finally and I stood up and got a better look at him and was shocked to find a guy with more wrinkles than I have, an OLD MAN had been sitting next to me.  Thank god I didn't have to identify him in a photo lineup.  I was shocked that I was SO unobservant.  

But I found my car that TY had left in the parking garage and winged on home.  Picked up the dogs who were way happy to see me so when we got in I took them for a walk and then headed for my closet to clean-out as I unpacked.  After about 30 minutes of frustration at the process I got on the bed between the furry guys and next thing I knew it was dinner time.  We all felt better after that.  

What a waste of a day.

Tokyo-based textile artist Mana Morimoto creates these amazing Rorschach-like compositions by carefully arranging embroidery threads on a flatbed scanner. The resulting images find their place outside of traditional notions of arts and crafts. In a recent interview with Artchipel Morimoto explains how she started working with thread, "I started working with threads, because I was unhappy with my life and felt the urge to make something with my hands. My art is the therapy for me, I feel like having finally found something that I’m good at and that I want to carry on."
(Doesn't that just sound like ALL of us?) 

  • Go deep. 
    The deeper you go the more likely you will discover something of value

Hidden beneath the desert of Northern New Mexico, hand-sculpted from the sandstone cliffs, an etherial cave network built by a single man, is up for sale.Armed with not much more than a pick axe and a wheelbarrow, a sixty seven year-old sculptor and off-the-grid visionary artist, Ra Paulette,  has carved 14 expansive caves entirely on his own in the space of the past 25 years.The property listing boasts ‘majestic mountain views, surreal rock formations throughout, two unforgettable hand-carved cathedrals or meditation chambers, candlelit niches, recessed seating and various breathtaking side rooms that are washed in sunlight.’ The listing also promises interior roads provided on the property, underground electric power and telephone is availability at the lot line, easy and gated access from the State Highway 285 as well as the possibility of ‘owner financing for qualified buyers of this fabulous property.’
I am way impressed by the amount of work this guy has done, as well as of the design, HOWEVAHHHHh:  you couldn't get me into a 14 room cave if I was bound, gagged, and stuffed in a 50 gallon oil barrel.

awwwww-----  I know, never had a hedgehog 'thing' but this little guy is so darn appealing!

a little private note: I know I haven't been following the Manifesto advice ver well, especially the 'go deep' message today.  But I am back to my life now and perhaps will get into the swing of producing some art rather than just looking at it, stealing it, and posting it as I've been doing lately.  Thanks for hanging in there with me through a crazy fall.  The chant is now LETS GET NORMALIZED!  And when you see me veering off into the mists anytime soon, call me on it!  I'd appreciate it.   S

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