Monday, December 02, 2013

absentia configuration thickish

Write more.
Write even more.
Write even more than that.
Write when you don’t want to.
Write when you do.
Write when you have something to say.
Write when you don’t.
Write every day.
Keep writing.

OK, So it's about writing but it's also translatable to art!  Read it again and substitute YOUR word:
draw, sew, embroider, piece, quilt, paint, dye, cut, whatever!

The Buying Season is upon us and I am finding all sorts of things that nobody should want. i think that will be my closing picture until the crazies are over and we can stop buying STUFF that most people don't want anyway!  Remember back in the 60's and 70's when nobody had anything and a present was a Present?  Back then even ugly chatzkes were appreciated and displayed whenever the giver showed up.  We all needed kitchen stuff, we needed another blouse or sweater, or gloves, or scarf.  Even if we didn't love the gift we kept it because someone thought enough to give it.  No more.  I now deal with Amazon wish lists and outright pleas for cash instead of 'wasting' our money.  I can barely wade through the online offers and sales and after being gone a week I received TRIPLICATE catalogs of some companies.  I might become a bigger Christmas Scrooge than I even managed for Thanksgiving!

Jeff the Lamb visits the skate park:  this makes me tear up!

But Bunnies, we are here to celebrate some art!  Like this:

You all know about murmurations by now, no?  They are the acrobatic movements of groups of starlings like this:
 and this:

BUT, the next three are not real--- 

French photographer Alain Delorme captures the dazzling patterns and energy concentrated in the collective intelligence of bird flocks known as murmurations. At first glance, the images fascinate by the magic of the synchronized ballet of birds, however a closer look reveals thousands of plastic bags meticulously arranged by the artist. The series appropriately titled "Murmurations", gives us a different view of plastic bags, which have become emblematic objects of the contemporary human condition, a symbol of globalization and rampant consumerism. Via the press release, "Because it is a truly global threat that the plastic bag poses: It invades the urban surroundings, litters the natural habitats, paves the seabeds, and inhabits the deserts."

‘Dirds’-  photoshopped  birds with dogs!

A watermelon printed TENT- how to be laughed off the veldt, the pampas, the prairie, and indeed the local RV campsite, all for a paltry $785 (plus tax and handling).  It also comes in other prints, one with a big cow head, and another with a sheep in a meadow.  This one in particular I would think might attract rabid raccoons.  Sleep tight... 
(Did I ever tell you the one about being verbally assaulted at a craft show by a woman who was accusing me of racism because I used a watermelon design in a little quilty pieced purse?  Oy.)
For the manufacturers sake I sure hope she doesn't see this!  

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