Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.  Albert Einstein

TWO days in a row at the studio.  A 2 month record.  I went to PT this morning and was screaming in pain in a few moves,  well screaming to myself, I would never scream in public!  But as I was leaving I got this little battery operated patch that worked miracles on my shoulder.  I just now took it off and know that all my work is not a waste of time!  I'm headed home to my ice pack now.  First I have to pick up around here and I'll take a couple of pictures
Upholstry remnant waiting to finish button bands and facings, colors look much better in real life-  the band isn't so pink, the vest isn't so orange

And the 'quilt' on my table, down from the wall.  We'll call it Bananagram as a working title for now.  More, MUCH more, to follow

Images from Art Basel Miami are starting to trickle in from those who have gone to the previews.  I always love seeing what's there, and every year intend to take a bus trip down there with one of the local arts organizations.  One day is certainly not enough to see what's there, but it would be an 'edited' tour with only points of interest included.  You need that for a one day swipe of the city!  Today the first blast came in with Joanne Mattera's Art Blog, my definitive look at what's happening there with lots of images and just a few comments to help with context.  

Today's post was about text based art like this piece by Mel Bochner.  There seems to be a surplus of text art, mostly based on cliched sayings or colloquialisms writ large and noisy.  Do go investigate this 'movement'  and see what's installed there that you will soon be seeing in your local art gallery.  Now, discuss amongst yourselves...  or leave a comment.  

Now, go back to Mattera's blog, start at the top right column and read all her links.  Now THAT is a way to enhance your Art Education!  A class on every page.  I haven't been much of an art teacher lately so a few days on her blog will make up for it for sure.  

Another day, another post featuring contemporary embroidery! Chilean artist Jose Romussi and his new, flowery/fashiony work- Gorgeous!
ps. Jose is 1 of the 30 artists featured in my second book with Chronicle {on shelves Fall 2014}.

Yup, these bread pictures are the hyper-real, gluten-filled work of USA born, Germany based, artist Heather McCaw Kerley. I want them for my wall… and I want them with a bit of butter. Yum! Well, whether you can have gluten or not, you can have one of these… the originals are being featured/sold on Buy Some Damn Art this week.

Something else I don't want for Christmas
An ice cube maker that shaves down a cube to make it round,
for $699.  Came on a Williams-Sonoma ad yesterday.   I know, I know, I thought it was a typo too, but there is also one that makes TWO cubes into spheres for $1099.  
Here's your link to get your own, and I know you don't believe me.
As I am sure of of Joanne Mattera's Miami Basel artists would say, 
I say, 'Hold That Drink'!

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Sandy said...

Could they not just make a round form to make the ice cube in the first place? Or is that too sensible?
I hope your shoulder gets better soon!
Sandy in the UK

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