Sunday, December 08, 2013

preston duress mock

 The difference between artists and other people is that 
artists have a sketchbook. Mary Bergs 

Amazingly enough I have actually snuck away from housewifery and found my studio!  AND it was still there, full of bugs and even with a fossilized lizard in the bathroom but those details can be attended to eventually.  Granted I only had a few short hours but I DID show up!  I started a vest out of some raggy old upholstery fabric I had to piece together in order to cut, and it was almost fun solving the problems it is causing.  I pulled out the ole bakelite bags and found three red buttons, one large, two small but the same and I think I will get up nerve to finally use them.  I've been collecting---OK, hoarding--- bakelite for years-  it's time I dip into the piles.

Our social life has picked up some, whether it's the season or just nice to have friends back in town, or REALLY good to be able to get out with the patient and my bad arms!  He started PT this week finally and we even went together one day.  That won't be happening on a regular basis because afterwards I want to go run errands and end up at the studio.  TY wants to go out to breakfast or pick up cigars or basically tie me up from my appointed rounds until lunch when off he goes with his pals.  Last night we went to a Christmas music concert by a group from Miami who have a Grammy.  They were excellent, however, it's not my kind of activity-  the lights were out, literally thousands of candles everywhere plus they carried more in as they entered.  BUT as soon as they started singing my head hit my chest and continued to bounce for two hours.  I simply can't stay awake when there is nothing to SEE!  My side is sore from TY hitting me to wake me up, and I really did try...  really!  He bought their CDs so I foresee much nodding off in my near future.  

The night before we were invited to a grand cocktail party in a high-rise penthouse.  It was huge plus had a wrap around deck with tables and different seating areas all around. I've never seen such a place, not knowing anybody who lives in buildings like this.  But the views were gorgeous, lights for miles and the biggest moon I ever saw-  probably because I was so much closer than I've ever been!  The weather fully cooperated and everybody was outside enjoying south Florida evenings.  I've never considered living in a high rise but that party taught me that maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  Not that it's in my future.  

A studio is a place of study. Use the necessity of production as an excuse to study. Everyone will benefit.

 This work so feeds my love of seeing 'how the sausage is made', construction and beauty in the behind!  I was so excited to see it because it reminds me of my own neglected experiments using just the skeletons of vintage patchwork.  I must return to that for another try-  there's lots left to explore.

Hannah Lamb is an artist, maker, and lecturer from the UK.  She encompasses textiles, photography, and installation in her creative practice   Profile

Comics that Nourish by Stephen McCranie
HEH heh-  how many times have you been asked what kind of thread that is or where did you buy that fabric?  Same thing, it's irrelevant!  Lump in 'How long did that take?' too.

Korean artist Do Ho Suh has just completed his largest artwork to date at Seoul’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Titled Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home, the giant installation represents two previous residences the artist lived in at 1:1 scale, one structure inside the built with jade-colored silk evoking the feel of a 3D blueprint. The smaller structure is a traditional Korean home where Suh grew up a child which he then suspended inside a replica of his first residence in the United States, a modern apartment building in Providence, Rhode Island. The piece is so large that visitors are invited to walk inside and virtually explore it which you can do through May 14, 2014. 

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