Thursday, December 05, 2013

necklace burgundian talon

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, 
but the music the words make. 
― Truman Capote

Yesterday I did manage to get into the studio, but I bet you don't believe me!  I actually hooked up my old machine with the new sensor and it worked like it should have all this time!  I still have the back-up and I'll make a cozy for it since it didn't come with any cover and I get lots of dust.  Gotta keep it ready to roll for the next emergency!

I started a vest out of an upholstery remnant-  got the princess seams sewn in and joined the fronts and backs so I could try it on.  So far, so good.  I wish I had enough for a collar but I'm completely out of fabric-  in fact had to piece two corners that just didn't make it for the pattern.  Im going to open up the bottom side seams and recut the armholes-  they're a bit too short but I can fix them before I go further.  And I just happened to have an old remnant of plaid that will make the button placket, and use one of my old vintage furrier bakelite buttons.  

In Other News-  I can now turn on a light switch with my left hand!  I even opened our front gate with the left hand plus I carried the mail in in my left arm today-  the PT is working!  I'm going 3X a week and the part I like best is the electroshock therapy to 'warm me up'.  I could go to sleep!  Then they stat making me DO things my arm doesn't want to but if this works and makes me semi-normal again that's a real benefit.  If I never get better then today I'll be fine.  The bad news is that the PT place got a call from TY to start his therapy so they scheduled us at the same time!  Maybe I'll get breakfast out of it afterwards.

Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota was making clothes for her young son when he made a small request: could some of the shirts have cats on them? So she embroidered these gorgeous kitties:

Make mistakes faster. 

This isn’t my idea — I borrowed it. I think it belongs to Andy Grove.

russian zombie survival tricks:

Street artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is known for his strange form of character-driven street art. His generally simplistic, site-specific figures often interact with the space around them, passing in and out of unseen dimensions, shedding skin in the process.

Bad Presents Department
Just a bad idea all around, unless maybe you're a dog.

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