Saturday, February 22, 2014

colander buckhorn cotillion

Yeaa, this one came up automatically and has both the poster and the quote together-  a 2fer!

I've been somewhat lax getting to the blog lately-  other things are taking precedence and there just aren't enough hours in the day it seems.  Of course if I get to the studio all time is suspended while I'm there-  I try not to mess about on the 'puter  because it's such a time drain.  I keep telling myself that the studio computer is only an art tool.  Lately, to that dictum, I've been catching up on my list of podcasts and am continually surprised that all I hear is the beginning and the very end of them, even when it's about something I'm really interested in!  It's like I walk in the studio door and I enter a time warp.  But ANYWAY, I'm going to get this banged out and be on to what I really need to be working on.  Here's the studio report from this week:

The serial killer quilt- working title, 'The Lost' is mostly basted together ready for stitching.  I printed off all the killers and am pretty happy with how fuzzy they turned out on the sheer stripy linen- they are ready to attach after some preliminary stitching holds the thing together.  

The Land'escape quilt is on the wall and I'm trying to decide what to work on next now that the background is all finished.  I am going to embroider on the surface, mostly in the foreground, and try to pull it back from abstract.  It's pretty small, not how I like best to work, but doable for a change.

And the new piece I'm thinking on is collecting research-  so far a National Geo video and a bunch of stills.  I also have an album of my own pictures so have to wade through those to reach the consensus necessary to start the drawings.  Right outside the industrial park where my studio is lives a herd of Sand Hill Cranes that fascinate me.  My pictures are from the day they group spent in my back lot driving Molly crazy.  They are huge and formidable but she was bound and determined to bag one.  So my pictures show lots of flapping and posturing.  Everybody here hates them because they dig up a golf course in minutes looking for whatever they are eating but I am a fan-  we'll see what happens.

Also I had a frame fall off the wall at home and bust open two corners the other day so I took it and it's companion to the studio to fix and discovered I had two collages that were only 1/4" too big for the frames so I lopped off the edges and dropped them in after re-glueing and I think I've given them a new life.  Only problem is that I've already replaced them on the only wall I had so they will go unhung for now.  They are in wall competition with the two photographs I got at the annual Run for Art this past fall-  I just picked up one of them that had been framed by a DIYer who I think put it together with a wrench and ball peen hammer.  I had it reframed in skinny black metal and double mats so it looks like a million bucks now.  I abandoned the old frame in the dumpster it was so ugly.  

In season there are people working at the industrial park so I don't feel so isolated going there on weekends.  Summertime sucks because even during the week it can feel abandoned.  

My big job these two weeks is getting the drops into Molly's new eyes every 2 hours.  I have 6 different drops that go in from once a day to six times a day, all different.  I have five pills and capsules that go in once or twice a day plus her injection twice a day.  I have from 11-3 when i don't have to do anything so that is my total time to work until she's better.  She can see beautifully now, no more bashing into doors or getting lost in the closet.  If she hears her food being rattled she comes running without tripping over the couch.  Her eyes are no longer bloodshot and she watches her animal shows on tv again.  Sure looks like a success story.  IF EVER your pet needs any kind of eye surgery, this world famous eye vet is just down the street from me, near the studio.  Bring them here!  I'll give you her info when you need to make the appointment-  she is amazing!  And I'll feed you dinner the night your pet stays in the hospital, I promise.  

Segue to Pet Paintings-
These weird little ceramic animals who’ve been abandoned on the wobbly old shelves of second-hand shops. A pink deer with golden hooves, a slightly terrified looking dog, and a white unicorn that I’m pretty sure I had in my room when I was 9. American artist Cassie Marie Edwards takes these orphans from their dusty shelves, and gives each of them a new home on her lovely canvases.

A little fashion for a change! Designer Preen, in UK runway show falls back on StarWars figures as design and as ushers!  The clothes,featuring Darth Vader, are inventive and fun IF you like old Darth on your chest like a bib.

Teddy brought my attention to a squirrel pattern the other day, suggesting I imagine that I actually MAKE it.  However, I couldn't even get a good screen shot so thumbnails will have to do-  here it is for those of you more obsessed than I:
You'll have to buy the pattern, and there are also other animals in it if you want-

(Patterns available over here on Craftsy)

Please don't make it for me.  Thanks.

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