Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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You never find time for anything. You must make it.  Charles Buxton

FINALLY I'm at the studio and a clear day ahead, never thought that would happen again.  Actually I had to come over early to get the place shoveled out and stuff stashed because two ladies were due in to check it out.  They arrived and poked around and I talked a blue streak, then they left for lunch and a stop at the local quilt shop.  Of course after tidying up, I realize that I have way too many things going on and I need to focus.  First I'll finish up the Land'escape even though the editor here doesn't like the spelling.  I'm maybe 1/3 done with the stitching, have to take breaks to rest the sore fingers from pulling thick DMC through layers and layers of fabric.  Then, when I finish going around all the blocks, I will go back in with MORE embroidery.  Shoot me now.

Why do I always hate most the piece I'm working on now?  Answer me that, Riddler!  Siri?  Is ANYBODY out there to listen to me???

Oh well, back to Bruno Mars on Pandora and a cup o' cocoa.
(bet those terms haven't been used together before)

Gabriel Dawe, an artist that usually works with site-specific installations, textiles and embroidery- shifts gears to create these bizarre assemblages of multiple plastic farm animals and thread.

loooove these paintings by Honolulu based artist Brenda Cablayan

Beautiful portrayal of light and shadow.

And news, Not from Westminster:
No squirrel today, instead a ceramic Tibetan Terrier in honor of Molly-the-Sightless.  I watched the dog show last night for a while, until the non-sporting category picked the stupid poodle again.  Then I changed to On Demand and watched 2 episodes of True Detective.  Boy, that's boring!  I only watched the second one because I couldn't believe how dull the first on was in spite of the murder.  I did love the burned out church out in the middle of a flood plain- wanted the camera to linger there but off we went, back in the car with the two least compelling characters I've seen in ages.  Don't know if I'll give #3 a chance.  I hear the series will be different actors and different plots every season so maybe I'll pick it up there.  I shouda watched Downton Abbey, silly me.

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