Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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The creative spirit demands persistence.  Shaun McNiff

Got in to see the Sea Lion Doc today and we are signed up for Molly's eye surgery for next week.  She has to finish her course of antibiotics and some prep drugs to get rid of any inflammation but then that's all, just hang around and wait for Tuesday.  I'm a WRECK.  She's fine, hoping her bruised ankles and forehead are going to be a thing of the past.  Doc was very impressive, no pressure to do it, but said it was a needed operation to keep her around as long as we can.  Price was less than I expected but I had myself all whipped up that it would be thousands and thousands and I'd have to sell my car and not buy shoes for years.  But what cost is a best friend anyway?  I'd sacrifice some shoes and easily.  So, it's a done deal.  Did I mention she also operates on EELS?  Seems to me a dog will be easy-peasy.

And another no-studio day got away from me. I ran errands all morning, came home after that and called the vet who had space within an hour, got back from that at the exact time to start dinner.

And a lean dinner it is-  the doc put the fear of god in me over all that can go wrong with Molly's diabetes left uncontrolled.  Cataracts are the least of it.  And of course everything she said scared the crap out of me even though she was talking DOG and I was thinking ME!  So it's back on the straight and narrow again to see if there are a few years left here too.  Want to keep my eyes..and feet... and brain...

Samantha Cotterill is an illustrator and textile designer working under the name of mummysam.  Samantha works and resides with her family in Upstate New York.

David Bussell is a writer, performer, and stand-up comedian who has travelled to many places and stayed in plenty of hotels. In these hotels, he leaves what he calls hotel graffiti in places hard to find, such as behind picture frames, underneath toilet bowls, and so on.

The Art of Lisa Ober - Lisa Ober, Artist-Home Page  Amazing lifelike portraits of light and reflection

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