Monday, February 03, 2014

harlem nation agouti

You can't plan for a seizure of feeling, and for this reason 
I put everything aside when I am inspired.  May Sarton

Loved Bruno Mars last night, the game pretty much sucked though I am happy for the Northwest (no, NOT Kim and Kanye's kid) because they don't get much light shining on their sports teams Or anywhere else for that matter).  I'm a long time fan of the Chili Peppers too but their bare-chested jumping and squating antics last night didn't grab me. Aren't they getting a little old for all that?  Aren't *I* getting a little old for it?

So today is underway, therapy out of the way, coffee at my elbow and needles all threaded.  I HATE threading embroidery needles anymore, I simply can't see to get things lined up so I compensate by using extra long thread which is always a mistake.  

I need a studio assistant/ intern to do my bidding.  Job description includes scanning stuff, photographing all my quilts and sticking them in Photoshop to resize and make them presentable, needle threading, organizing shelves and drawers and throwing out what I don't want, need, or use any more (you must be clairvoyant and simply KNOW this),  visiting the dumpster (because that's where the raccoons live), keeping the sink clean, weekly vacuuming up the bug carcasses, and keeping the basket of K cups full of hot chocolate.  Must like studio dogs and keep them hydrated and walked.  On slow days you must go through my pencils and sharpen them, test and throw out dried up markers and paints, amass all duplicate materials and tools and take them to a worthy charity.

After a successful apprenticeship of a day or two, the job entails you to do all my hand and machine quilting- again that clairvoyance will come in handy.  Layering, pinning, sleeve cutting and binding will be required.  This will free me up to play on the internets and print stuff to stack up in piles for future use.  Apply within.  

Ann Tilley‘s fiber works, specifically her text based works strike a chord of nostalgia and domestic irony.  They are incredibly clever in their usage of phrase and their rendering and delivery captures certain moments of awkward American culture.  Patterns that are reminiscent of doilies and Cosby sweaters deliver humorously mismatched phrases in an aesthetic of cuddly kitsch."  --- Kristin Bauer 

The Polish-born artist and yarn master extraordinaire, Olek, has returned to her motherland for a pretty impressive technicolor public art project. Over the course of four days, she and a team of crochet-efficient assistants took over a massive locomotive in Lodz, Poland, turning the drab train into a psychedelic street-side attraction.
More stuff I don't want-  a bratwurst sausage pillow.  BUT WAIT!  It might work just fine on a plane, come to think about it.  So I amend my thought,  I DO want it.  Maybe I'll make on....  NO, silly me... 
l'll have my INTERN make it for me!

I'll give you a break from all the college-squirrel links today but sleep with one eye open, there are lots more coming!
Looks like this little guy is on somebody's fire escape.
Hot Times, Summer in the City!
Looks like dinner on Fiestaware.

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