Saturday, March 08, 2014

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 "How does one become a butterfly?" she asked. "You must want to 
fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."   Tina Paulus 

Critter Day with the Muse
We knew this morning that the dogs were turning into real lumps when they both headed back to bed after a morning pee.  So we decided to get them out for a walk of merit, not just a quick shot to the driveway.  Here they both are panting heavily after we returned-  completely ridiculous because even *I* wasn't panting.  Yes folks, I am in better shape than my dogs, unheard of...
 Here's Pepperoni hyperventilating after he had a bit of off-leash romp and a neighborhood squirrel evacuation.  See how he blends into asphalt?  Perfect camouflage for a city dog.  Temperatures outside for this exertion were a whopping 70 with light breezes.  He is fat.  It's my fault because things around here have been, shall I say, sedentary for a couple of months.  Next week is Pepper's anniversary-  we found him 2 years ago.  He is weird as all get out, but we love him.  I think perhaps he falls somewhere on the canine autism scale.  That's not a medical diagnosis, only mine.
 Here's poor Molly in 'patient form'.  Her face is supposed to look like Pepper, above, but they shaved all her beautiful hair for the eye surgery so now she looks like a shrunken Afghan hound..  Also they shaved her 2 front and one back paw for the IVs-  she looks like hell but I think is finally turning the corner back to health after all she's been through these past few months.  She loved the walk but was slow and needed some encouragement.  Once she picked up that we were NOT headed home right away she changed direction and led us right to the frozen yogurt machine at the snack bar.  She got a cup of water there much to her dismay.  We can't have her groomed until next week so as not to disturb the stitches and I think I will have her shaved down with the warm weather coming-  that will help even out the awful haircut she is sporting.  
Before her medical problems-  She  was always the pretty one...  Also will have Pepper shaved down and maybe he won't look so pudgy!  
Maybe I'll try it too if it works for him.

 In Other Critter News, here are the two older kiddos, just celebrated their 6th and their 4th birthdays.  Hazel is going to be a vet and that's ALL she has talked about now for all the years since she started talking!  The other one...  sigh... is a natural be the new John Belushi and is taking acting classes.  Has a real mind of his own and was picked for the classes by an acting troop in a neighboring town.  Speaking of haircuts, this is his at-home 'selfie' version.  That is probably kelp they are drinking, maybe kale.  My daughter has them convinced it's delicious.  Good for her!

And lastly, Mister wins cutest prize yet again.  He has the market cornered, probably because he hasn't yet started giving himself haircuts.  This week he flipped himself over for the first time to great acclaim.  Since he was already surprised that he did it, the accompanying huzzahs will keep him repeating the trick, at least until he finds the new-best-thing coming up-  sitting!  Then,  remember the standing-by-the-coffee-table trick?  It's all a blur of activity for the rest of his first year

I took some time getting here but I DO have some arty stuff for you today.  It's Daylight Savings Time tonight so I will enter 'summer-mode' soon (that means staying in bed beyond 6AM, a luxury!)  That gives me more time at night to stay up and find stuff to show you!  Sush as:
 The Fab Four as lego characters.  
And the following Lego Predicaments~

‘The Legographer’, or a regular LEGO man armed with a camera, travels the big and mysterious world around him and takes amazing photos along the way. Meanwhile, what he doesn’t know is he’s being captured on camera as well, by UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte.  Good that they are all wearing their hard hats.

Spanish-based photographer Juan Sanchez Castillo is behind this quirky photo series called Making It Up. The collection features photos which ‘animate tiny workers and children interacting with the female’s facial features’.

ya think???

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