Thursday, March 06, 2014

garland deactivate radish

Love this.  Pay attention, Sandy!

I know, I know, I am way late on the second Creativity Rant.  I'll try to get at it soon, I promise.  Life has again gotten in the way of my intentions.  Yesterday Deb posted that she has been blogging 10 years and has 2000 posts.  Whoop!  Me too!  My ten year anniversary is this month and I think I lost track of what my number of posts might be because I changed horses in mid-stream and lost the number I had accumulated before transferring to Blogger.  I would bet the farm I already hit it for the total number, but I'm at 1900+ for Blogger.  I'll go back and see if I can count up the number of imported posts-  like I have time for that.  Geesh, WHO CARES!!!  Anyway, congratulation Deb-  we need to celebrate some day.

I am actually in the studio today after a morning of working on the carpet spots again, paying my bills, ordering a new lamp, making a doc appt, and keeping up with the pill/eyedrop schedule.  I sort of rushed it so I could stay away until 3- when we start the next round.
Public (and I AM the public!) Enemy #1

 I have the serial killer quilt all machine quilted and the edges turned over to act as a binding.  I am now looking at it on the wall trying to decide the best way to attach the killers now.  They are all printed and fused, but I am thinking I need big stitches to hold them, maybe something fancy-ish.

While I ponder that I am stitching on the landscape piece and letting my head wander in and out.  This alone is the most wonderful thing about what I do-  I so enjoy the 'head wanders'.  The thing about these trips is that they are firmly stitched into each piece and I can pull out any old quilt and it takes me right back to what I was dwelling on when I made it.  They are my autobiography, completely.  When TY said this long ago I pooh-poohed the idea but I finally admit it.  Trouble is it's hard to follow unless I tell you about each piece in order.  Maybe someday I'll add pages to my folder of tear sheets and tell those stories.  Maybe a grandkid someday will be interested, or a great grandkid.  Since I won't ever know a great grandkid, it might be interesting.  I should probably include all my excitement over computers and websites and show them the first one I built that was SO awful.  Of course the blog is around and I doubt anybody will ever be able to get away from it.  So much for immortality.  'Blogtality'.  You cannot get rid off it.

OK, back to stitching and wandering with a side of worry.  Here's a few of my 
favorite finds for the day, hope you're hungry:
Edible Mondrian

Edible Pollock

Edible VanGogh

Edible Whiteread
English charity the Art Fund has come up with a cute new fundraiser, encouraging people across the country to create Edible Masterpieces to sell off in raffles and bake sales.  If you don’t want to go it alone, they’ve even included recipe ideas on their website for creations like Wedgwood shortbread, a Sarah Lucas gingerbread woman and LOL’s personal fave, the Van Gogh Ploughman’s platter (above).  The funds raised will assist English museums and galleries to buy and exhibit new work.

If you think that the humble pancake can't be an artistic medium, then keep watching Nathan Shields. Every time we see one of his creations, he keeps getting better. Breakfast by breakfast, he's refining his craft. Eventually, he'll be ready to create the pancake equivalent of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He calls these Saipancakes.
Sure puts my Sunday flapjacks to shame.

I'm saving some squirrels today and have something better for youse~  now you can have nightmares over alligators who can climb fences-  'What?',  you say!  Well apparently these reptiles cannot be contained and the evidence is here.  Stay out of Florida.  We also have crocs but I don't think they climb yet.  Next generation they will probably sprout wings-  looks like they have thumbs already.

TY wants me to print these and write 'FLORIDA- WISH YOU WERE HERE!' across them.  I am way too grossed out by this genetic mutation that enables climbing.  I always thought I'd be safe from alligators on the second floor...

ick ick ick.  Tomorrow it's back to squirrels, promise.

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