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It might be time to reassess a complex relationship that involves jointly held resources. The Pisces New Moon's presence in your 8th House of Deep Sharing means you may have to remove yourself from the situation in order to gain control of your life. But letting go of your attachments isn't easy, even with your newly discovered strength. Make the most of this moment, for the dynamics will only grow more complicated if you don't take decisive action today. 
Oh Oh.  Dire predictions there on the old HORROR list.  Guess I will choose to ignore them.  At least for now.  What the hell can I do on Saturday late afternoon anyway?  Moving on...

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
Aldous Huxley 

Had friends for dinner last night at the last minute so I made another recipe, Coq au Vin, from the almost-Paleo cookbook I've been working out of for two weeks now.  It was delicious, but for a short list of ingredients it was a whole lot of work- basically every item is cooked first before you stick it in the pot.  Even the wine and broth are reduced down before you can add them.  I did some research and this is apparently the way Madeleine Kamman did it so I followed that and it was worth it.  Tonight we will eat leftovers on one or seven Tupperwares of misc. stuff stashed in the refrigerator.

I'm beat-  today I met Beverly-the-North down in West Palm to go to the Fine Craft Show.  I adore this show and was pleasantly surprised to see so many new and exciting artists there.  I think Beverly was ready to get the hook because I had to talk to all of them!  Annie Turbin was there, first time I've seen her in a show, and I love her jersey shirts.  I've been buying them here and there and of course had to grab the rust colored shirt since they are so perfect to wear.  Then as I was about to leave I spied a scarf that was dyed to match so grabbed that too.  These shirts are perfect for traveling back up north because I leave here at 80 degrees and get off the plane at 25 degrees.  Layers are the answer.  Mine is rust and black, sort of a giraffe print.  
Also as I was stumbling along at the last three booths in the last aisle I happened across an artist I've been collecting for years now but have been unable to contact because someone gave me the incorrect name!  These are made from old decoys and have stuff attached all over them to decorate.  They may or may not be perched on old binoculars or cue balls or perhaps just a set of wheels.  I have collected 4 of these birds over the years and fell on the mother-lode today.  I've been searching around for these artists for years now, and I'll be hornswaggled, they are here in Florida, just down the turnpike a piece.  Today I bought a parrot on a bocce ball.  This isn't him.
Oh, these are the work of Jim and Tori Mullan, I had the artist pegged as a 90 year old guy using up old stuff in his garage after his wife died.. nope, they are a young pretty couple!

And finally, my favorite in the show prize went to William Kidd who does the most unbelievable large organic pods-from-Mars things I couldn't pull myself away from.  The top is a sampling-  these are all 10-12" to give you scale, but I really fell for a wall piece similar to the second image except it was much darker teal blue.  I WANTED it!  But I already had spent all my money (plus!) from my last sale so my pod will have to wait.  Oh yeah, this guy's booth was painted the deepest brightest coral you could imagine-  his work simply exploded against that color!  You can see it on his website.

So, now for the obligatory art hunt to make your life easier!  Caution-  study these carefully because each one tells a story that explains what's going on!

Fra.Biancoshock insists he is not a street artist, but rather the Milan-based experientialist noticed that his street-level installations and interventions spoke using the same language as Street Art. In regards to the movement of Street Art in regards to his work, the mysterious, identity-protecting Fra. says, “For me, that phrase is a provocation: I have not studied art, I do not frequent artistic circles, … And I have no particular technical and artistic skills. I just have ideas and I like to strain my mind in trying to propose to the common people through what I call “Unconventional Experiences.” I think mine are “experiences” rather than works of art.”

Archie MePhee's Horsehead Squirrel feeder, a marketing success,
or would be if squirrels had cash.

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