Monday, March 24, 2014

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artist's perception?

I am interested in a sort of suspension of meaning in pictures.  Donald Baecheler

So, folks, here they are-  My Birthday/ Anniversary Present!  
And yes, Hazel arrived after throwing up the whole way from Boston to Florida so she was in bad shape, and Elias was just plain grumpy.  This is Morning #2 with them coloring while I'm making breakfast.  Snack time seems to be a major focus of the day starting while their breakfast stuff is still in front of them and continuing to bedtime.  It's a Beee-u-tiful Day in the Neighborhood...  but we aren't going to make a plan until Ms. Hazel is back to herself and over her GI problem.  
So far this plan hasn't worked at all.
The Pirate Ship will have to wait.  The Zoo will be there the next day, and the Science Museum is a given at any time.  We're down to Saturday night and maybe tomorrow we'll get to one of them.  Time is a'wasting!  (Fortunately at their age it's OK to do it tomorrow)
Nothing to report from the studio, but I know that when Mom's away the spiders do play.  I am HOPING to get Hazel in to try out some paste papers since I'm all set up for it. It's just a matter of culling her out from the herd to make it a do-able project for an hour.  Maybe tomorrow,  oh, I've said that already?  It's killing me to lose a week in the studio but everybody says that when I die I'll not be saying I needed another week there.  I don't really believe them since that's where I am happiest but OK, I'm being grandma this week-  it's wearing me down to a nub 'cause I'm old but I am TRYING.  So shut up.  

Tomorrow I give them the Easter baskets I've collected stuff for, early I know, but the next family is rolling in for that particular holiday, and he is too little to care much about Easter or baskets or anything besides lying around being adorable.  I can't imagine what actual candy will do to these two-  they re already on a high with NO sugar!  Maybe it will react in a contradictory way and it will calm them and stop the squealing and whining?  One can hope.

The 'thing' about this visit is that Pepper has become enamoured with Elias and thinks his perfect match has entered his life.  He steals his toys because they smell like him, he tries to 'wrestle' with Elias, he sticks his big black nose where it doesn't belong.  OK- He is humping this 4 year old kid as soon as our backs turn.  We have NEVER seen this behavior in him so it's weird, at best.  Concerning.  Discomforting.  JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING.  I am spending my days getting the dog unattached from his new love.  WTF???   

Combination of painting and calligraphy that shows the power of the past and uture

Stock up now!

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy is a French photographer whose Facades series is a personal exercise in land and city-scape photography, with one major difference. In each photo, the Lyon-based Gaudrillot-Roy digitally edits each image so that building itself is erased, leaving only the structure’s front, or facade, present. Now on his third iteration of the series, each village or city building carries ominous, almost surreal connotations of civilizations being abandoned, wrecked by recession, or left to slowly disintegrate. However, the images retain a still, quiet beauty, and are haunting in their simplicity.

Easter is a'coming, we're taking a break from Squirrel News today to feature BUNNIES:

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